Is your small business on social media? Are you tired of watching other brands outperform you? Maybe it’s time to realize that what you’re doing may not be working. Don’t worry, we’re not pointing fingers at anyone, we just want to help. Check out these major red flags below so you know what to avoid and create a solid social media presence for good.

1. You Have a Lack of Customer Service

Do you offer proper customer service via Facebook? We’re not just talking about hitting the thumbs up button when someone comments, but really responding to comments, trying to solve problems and fix your internal processes so it doesn’t happen again. YOU BETTER.

Customers are increasingly turning to social media to voice their feedback and concerns so you better be prepared, start listening and get ready to engage with them. New data suggests that not only are the number of messages being sent to brand increasing, but the number which require a response averages around 43% compared to only 15% in 2013. BUT, brands can’t keep up! The average response rate today has stooped to a new low at less than 11%. Yikes.

This is really unacceptable if you want to not only attract new customers, but keep your current ones too.

2. You’re Still Using Your Personal Profile for Business

Are you still using a personal Facebook profile to promote your business? If you are, you’re missing out (and hurting your business). For starters, it’s against Facebook’s Terms to do that, but also using your personal account for your brand has major limitations including a “like” limitation and looking unprofessional. Make the switch and play the game right.

3. You Forget About the Bigger Picture

Every piece of content you produce should have a clear aim. Are you trying to sell something? Or inform and educate? Are you looking to gain more likes with a funny post? Or increase awareness? Without a clear objective, it’s easy to fall into the trap of creating a post just for post’s sake.

Everything you do should be working in tandem to push you closer to your ultimate goal. And since Facebook is an evolving social platform, what worked last year may not work as well today. Stay on top of trends and stand out from the crowd with creative, professional updates.

More Signs Your Small Business On Social Media StinksIs Your Small Business On Social Media? 12 Signs You Stink At It

And just for fun… here are a few more signs you might stink at social media:

4. You can’t remember the last time you posted to your account.
5. You #use #more #hashtags than are #really #necessary.
6. You argue with trolls… as if they deserve any of your time.
7. The only person who likes your posts is your mother.
8. Your feed is full of more shared articles than original posts.
9. You still use Google+ and haven’t even explored Instagram or Snapchat.
10. You’re spending too much time obsessing over data.
11. You copy your competitors.
12. You’re posting at the wrong time.

Attract New Business with Effective Facebook Posts by Post Café

Now you know what to avoid so you can start marketing your small business on social media with confidence and authority. Feel assured knowing that the content you’re sharing on Facebook will help you see some serious results and attract new customers.

Establish yourself as an authority and use Facebook to grow your online presence with Post Café today; call us at 732-218-9377 to learn more!