Navigating the Social Scene: Common Social Media MistakesThe social media landscape can be a tricky one to navigate. There are so many different “rules” to using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that it’s easy for smart local businesses to make such simple (preventable) mistakes. But when you learn what social media mistakes businesses like you are guilty of making, you can greatly enhance your own chances for success in the world of Facebook and the like (no pun intended).

In this insider’s look at navigating the waters of social media, our experts have put together 6 common mistakes and more importantly, how to avoid them so you can stay on course.

1. The Mistake: Just Winging It

The Fix: If you treat your social media profiles with the same kind of “play-it-by-ear,” approach as you probably treat your personal profiles, your fans will notice. Sure, you need to have a relaxed demeanor on social media…ya know, be social and all. But you also need to have a well-thought-out strategy that includes posting the right content at the right time, understanding who your audience is and when they’re online, as well as tracking results to fine-tune your marketing map.

2. The Mistake: Being a Pushy Car Salesman

The Fix: No one likes the pushy car salesman on Facebook. So, resist the urge to just push out content that’s exclusively about your business or products. Here’s the simple truth: people probably aren’t following you because they like your product/service, they’re interested in more about what you stand for. So, give it to them. Post more things that are related to those products and services and you’ll capture your fans attention.

3. The Mistake: Forgetting to Update

The Fix: Too many businesses get so excited about creating a shiny new social media business profile that they end up extending themselves too thin in the long run and forget to update regularly. If you’ve ever gone to a page only to see that they haven’t posted in a month, you may think A) That business owner isn’t serious about communicating with customers. Or B) Maybe they’re out of business! Either way, those thoughts are both scary to think about, aren’t they? Posting needs to be happen strategically and frequently with a mix of informational, inspirational and interesting content.

4. The Mistake: Failing to Respond to Comments

The Fix: Yup, you do have to respond to EVERY SINGLE comment and post made to your page. A 24-hour response time is about the max for small local businesses, so if you don’t know the answer right away, simply acknowledge them by saying you’ll find out the answer. Failing to respond to comments only creates the perception that you’re above your customers and only interested in self-promotion. Refer to number two.

5. The Mistake: Falling Asleep At the Wheel

The Fix: Nothing will take you off course more quickly than falling asleep at the wheel. Don’t. Be. Boring. When posting to your Facebook business page, share engaging content that your fans will find as stimulating and sharable…not as a snooze-fest.

6. The Mistake: Arguing with Customers

The Fix: Minimize damage on social media by handing negatives comments and bad press the same way you would speak to an in-store customer. Nothing will ruin your hard-earned reputation faster than a heated battle in the public-eye. Our advice is always to take a long, deep breath and then carefully evaluate how your response to that comment can not only appease the customer (make it right), but lead to a positive outcome and humanize your business.

Avoiding Social Media Mistakes with Effective Facebook Posts by Post Café

By recognizing these six common social media mistakes, you can not only avoid them, but you’ll get to start navigating through the social media scene fearlessly and furiously…so see some serious results. Feel confident knowing that the content you’re sharing will help you achieve your digital marketing goals and get you to your destination quickly.

Post Café provides the high quality, engaging social media content to help you sail across the social scene smoothly. Establish yourself as an authority and use Facebook to grow your online presence today.