Facebook is an evolving social platform. What worked well last year may not work as well now. To stay on top of these ever-changing trends, businesses need to stand out from the crowd with creative, yet professional status updates.

All too often, businesses post only about themselves. We know, we know, your business is great and you want the World to know all about it. But the truth is, people really only want to know the answer to one question. And one question only: What’s in it for them?!

Liven Up Your Dull Status Updates on Facebook: Make it About THEM

On the Facebook for business learn-how tutorial, “Create Posts on Your Page,” they show a video about how to create posts that are right for your business and your customers. But things are constantly changing. One month photos get the best engagement, next month, photos with links in the caption get the attention, maybe the next month it’s just plain ol’ text. It takes time to build your audience and gain their trust… and you start that process by generating effective posts. But we know it can be hard to keep up.

It’s so important to write engaging and entertaining status updates to lure your audience in, click the link and find out more. If it’s worded the right way, your fans will love it and end up spreading the message for you.  Otherwise, they’ll just scroll on by. Below are 10 quick tips to get them to click!

10 Quick Tips to Get Your Audience to Click

1. Post Interesting Facts – Share a status update that features one of the most interesting facts in the blog post that you’re linking to so they’ll click to find out more!
2. Stir Curiosity – Encourage readers to click through to the link to find out what the answer is to the teaser in your status.
3. Offer a “Tip” – Make your status update stand out in your fan’s news feed by sharing a useful tip. Consider starting the post with the word: TIP to draw even more attention.
4. Inspire Action – You don’t have to ask a question, but you can invite your audience to do something (like click on your link) with a simple call-to-action.
5. Revisit Adjectives – Don’t be afraid to add some flair in your status updates to spice things up. Try words like: awesome, simple, amazing, new, and unusual, etc.
6. Be Persuasive – Word updates as if they’re news headlines, or opening lines aimed at drawing in the reader for more. Some persuasive words to consider: avoid, first, save, imagine, etc.
7. Consider Timing – Your posts should be written for immediate action – write your posts so they can be read and engaged with right now.
8. Get Visual – Images can be either very engaging or a giant turn off. Attract your readers by using high-quality images that are captivating and relate to your brand.
9. Keep it Short – Although the maximum length of a status update is 63,206 characters, that doesn’t mean you have to use all of them!

Fun Fact: You may be wondering why that number? Facebook’s Bob Baldwin, the man who set the limit, wrote in a Facebook comment: “I set the exact limit to something nerdy. Facebook … Face Boo K … hex(FACE) – K … 64206 – 1000 = 63206.” Useless trivia for you next group chat.

The ideal length for a Facebook status update is actually 40-80 characters long. Plus your meta title and meta description.

10. Have a Strategy – Attract your target audience on social media by triggering an emotional response with 6 specific key words: Who, What, When, Where, Why, WOW! Show your audience what makes you unique, trustworthy and someone they should do business with by providing the content they’re looking for and answers their question, “What’s in it for me?”

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