Social Media Sites: The Superheroes SitesWhere would we be without our superheroes and their super powers? Although inherent to comic books, video games, TV shows and movies, superheroes are alive and well right here in the palm of your hand. Well, in your smartphone apps that is. From Facebook to Instagram, Social Media superheroes have protected the Earth and countless other universes from ultimate destruction time and time again. They deliver results for businesses that are so strong, their powers can be life-changing (and they’re pretty bad-ass, too). Let’s face it, haven’t we all wished we had superhero powers at one point or another?

So, who are the best and brightest of these heroes? The marketing experts at Post Café have pulled together a list of our greatest heroes to ever grace the pages of the World Wide Web. Take a look!

Meet Your Superheroes on Social Media


An overpowered hero with a near infinite amount of abilities. Everyone relies on him more than they should while secretly hoping he’ll never flip out and use his “Googling” powers for evil. Mwhahaha Google uses his force fields to capture online content using his SEO powers allowing him to dig up the good, the bad and the ugly. If it’s online, he’ll find it.

Super Power – Force Fields
Nemeses – Yahoo


This eccentric, young billionaire operates his company by day and runs the world online by night. Most people like him, though some “love” him, “haha,” “wow,”, “sad,” or get “angry” at him. His methods of connecting friends while preserving privacy can be somewhat questionable because of his ability to dig up personal information from people’s past. But his armor of newsfeeds, chats, sidebars, ads and reactions hold strong.

Super Power – Time travel…also known as Timehop
Nemeses – Instagram (even though Instagram is now owned by Facebook)


Instagram possess the supernatural ability to “instantly” generate visually enticing animation, bringing inanimate objects to life at will. He prides himself of making people smile, laugh and cry all at the same time, but watch out, this scrolling feed is feared by parents worldwide. He’s simple and stunning, but his daring feats can get out of control sometimes!

Super Power – Instant Images that Influence
Nemeses – Snapchat


One of the newest superheroes in the social media scene, Snapchat is wildly popular because of her ability to provide endless amounts of visual entertainment. She leads the way using her ability to explode in seconds, exploding her way through mobile app portals one snap at a time.

Warning: this superhero will self-destruct after 10 seconds.

Super Power – Self-Detonation
Nemeses – Vine


Here one second, gone the next; Twitter will vanish into the cyber sphere right before your eyes. Twitter uses her super speed to fly super-fast all over the world dropping bit and pieces of news that spread like wild-fire using her energy-sourcing power known as “hashtags.” Like the Flash, Twitter was sent to the planet to make a global impact, but has the ability to disappear in a split second. We’re talking, he’s so fast, that he literally runs circles around villains making them way too tired and frustrated to kill him.

Super Power – Chi (Lightening fast speed used for energy blasts)
Nemeses – Instagram and Youtube Connect


With the power to magnetize other people together, LinkedIn has the ability to manipulate ferrous objects as well as attract and manipulating her people. She can use her powers to create electromagnetic pulses that open doors for people all over the world.

Super Power – Magnetism
Nemeses – Facebook at Work

Post Café Delivers Social Media

There you have it: your social media superheroes that rule the World (at least for now). They may not be immortal, but today, they’re a few of the best platforms for building your business online when used correctly.

Creating and curating content to post is not a quick or easy task. It takes time, energy and laser-focus. Post Café provides high quality, engaging Facebook content for small businesses to help them rule the social media scene. Let the experts at Post Café help you start your social media journey; call us at 732-218-9377 to learn more!