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Be active within social media without having to do all of the heavy lifting!


How Post Cafe Works

It's simple. We'll write awesome stuff, post it to your social account, and give you the credit right on the article. As a result - Your clients stay engaged. You look smarter. You can spend more time selling. WATCH THE VIDEO!

Complete our simple sign up form & connect your Facebook or Twitter account.

Industry-related content will be posted straight to your profile or page.

Content links back to industry specific hub with the full article sponsored by you!

70% of real estate clients forget their agent after one year

It doesn't have to be this way.

How Post Cafe is Different

Post Cafe doesn't just curate real estate and home-related content. We closely monitor trending topics and perform extensive keyword research to find out what will resonate with your clients.

We write clever, informative, buzzworthy articles and post them on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn properties, so you look like a thoroughly informed, up-to-the-minute, can't ignore industry resource.

Your followers, comment, like, share and engage with content posted by you, building your following and keeping the conversation going before, during and after the sale.

Articles are posted on a home and real estate focused hub, with a complete content takeover by YOU. Your agency website, phone, email and logo will surround all related articles on the hub seen by visitors you directed to the site.

People think you are amazingly smart, incredibly insightful and helpful, and immediately hire you as their agent and start sending you major referrals and you can retire early to a tropical island*

*Tropical island not guaranteed

Only 25% of clients list with an agent they have used before, yet at close, 88% say they would reuse their agent.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Finding relevant, engaging content to grow and enhance your client relationships can be a full-time job.

But it shouldn't be yours.

Post Cafe helps you to build an ongoing conversation with your clients that extends beyond the sale. We'll post strategically written, on-trend content for you on your selected social media accounts. You'll benefit from a longer lifetime value of your client list, staying top of mind for repeat business and qualified referrals.


A mixture of fun, informative, on-trend and eminently share-worthy content published to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn properties. You'll transform your social media presence into a go-to resource for all real estate and home related news.


Stop sending clients to random websites that have no benefit to your brand. Post Cafe surrounds every piece of content viewed by your clients with your agency branding. As a result, you benefit directly from the cool content - both on and off social media.

Lifetime Engagement

Differentiate your brand from competitors by giving your former clients and prospects a level of service they can't find anywhere else. With content covering the entire lifecycle of homeownership, your agency will continue to add value for years.

How Much of a Social Boost Do You Need?

Three strategically packaged plans based on the level of social interaction needed!


Short Shot


You'll Get 12 posts per month


Single Shot


You'll Get 1 post per day


Double Shot


You'll Get 2 posts per day

What Our Users Are Saying

"Post Cafe is great for busy agents who wish to leverage their time by utilizing a simple, "set it & forget it - autopilot" tool, so they look good on social media. We've rolled out this tool to our coaching group and are excited to enjoy the results."

Dana Cadena
Team Leader — KW City Life Hoboken & Jersey City, New Jersey

"I've tried a lot of marketing tools over the past 26 years in Real Estate. For the first time ever I'm actually able to have great informative articles automatically post to my page. I've always been skeptical about social media, but now I see the results and know that my friends are excited to see my posts! I recommend every real estate professional use Post Cafe!"

Joan Lorwey
Broker-Associate, Monmouth County Association of Realtors Director

“There is nothing out there like this. For less than $3 a post, I can stay active on social media, publish trending, insightful content that my clients appreciate and remember, and maintain on-going relationships long after the sale – all while being able to focus on selling homes, rather than spending the time to market myself.”

Christopher Walsh
Broker/Owner of RE/MAX The Real Estate Leaders