Real Estate Content MarketingIf you aspire to have a successful real estate content marketing strategy, take a look at these 7 important tips. The sooner you implement them with your social media platforms, the sooner you’ll experience results!

1. Maximize User Experience

Real estate content marketing is critical to user experience. It has the power to enhance your client relationships or lose them altogether. Every piece of content needs to have thought and a strategy behind it on how the reader will experience, consume and, most importantly, act on it.

Speaking of your audience…

2. Target Your Audience

Chances are you may not be targeting your audience as well as you should be. As a realtor generating content, you need to be addressing the needs of your audience and answering questions before they’re even asked…rather than creating content about things you are necessarily interested in.

Speaking of answering questions…

3. Consider Content for Audience Intent

Have you heard of the micro moment? It’s all about delivering the right content at the right time (or rather, moment). It goes beyond simply knowing who your target audience is. If someone is online searching for useful information about moving to a new home, you need to be ready to provide the answer. Not shoving a sales pitch down their throat.

Determine their challenges and the goals they wish to achieve, then strategically create content around those topics to anticipate customer needs.

Speaking of strategy…

4. Put a Strategic Keyword Behind Every Post

Even the most successful realtors have expressed frustrations with creating successful real estate content marketing. We understand that developing credible content is vital to the reputation of a realtor, that’s why our jobs at Post Café as content strategists is to generate the most professional, buzzworthy articles so you look like a thoroughly informed, up-to-date top industry resource.

Speaking of professional…

5. Quality Trumps Quantity

Quality content vs. quantity of content is a common question. Finding a balance between the two is important but it’s also key to realize that sometimes just one piece of high-quality content can make a huge impact.

Take advantage of relevant industry-related keywords to create dynamic content that entertains and informs. It should solve a problem for your audience (answering an industry need) which will make it more likely to be shared.

The end result: killer content with strong ROI tied to it.

Speaking of ROI…

6. Dissecting ROI

Revenue isn’t the only return you should measure. Knowing what you want to accomplish with each post is key to helping you determine what you should measure…and how. Alternative ROI metrics for content include:

  • Resource to be trusted
  • Social media presence
  • Brand awareness
  • Email or newsletter signups
  • Website exposure
  • Brand-advocacy
  • Successful exposure

Speaking of successful…

7. Repeat and Refine

Once you have all the pieces in place and find something that works, stick with it. But keep track of your metrics and analytics, always reviewing how things are performing. It should come to no surprise that the factors that make your content marketing successful are constantly changing. This evolution makes measurements more important than ever. If you don’t you’ll never know that what is happening is working for you.

Knowing is half the battle.

So, monitor progress both short-term as well as long-term. Then refine things with small adjustments to make it even better.

How Post Café Can Help

Keeping these seven things in mind to help your real estate content marketing adapt and thrive.

Is it time to rethink your content strategy? Ready to leave it to the experts?

At Post Café, our marketing professionals closely monitor trending topics and perform extensive keyword research to find out what’s going to resonate with your clients. We make it easy by writing all the trending articles and posting them to your social media accounts, so you don’t have to. Let the experts at Post Café help you with the content so that you can connect more with clients one-on-one.

Call us at 732-218-9377 to learn more.