How do you anticipate customer needs?Your customers have needs. Can you anticipate them?  Your customers have questions. Can you answer them?  You should! People want answers, like, yesterday… and they’re looking to businesses like you to fulfill those needs. And guess what? The business who provides the best answers will earn the most trust and have the most people waiting in line to work with them.

No need to stress out though; to anticipate customer needs, it’s as simple as using compelling content to answer their questions (before they even ask).

Be the First to Provide Answers

Some studies show that 50% of sales go to the business who responds first, what do you think happens to that stat when the business provides the answer before the customer even asks? It sky-rockets!

Let’s explore a simple step-by-step process to anticipate customer needs before they even ask:

  1. First, you must listen to your audience. Their questions will serve as fuel for your content creation strategy.
  2. Brainstorm and make a list of other common industry related questions.
  3. Research keywords to figure out what phrases you should be targeting.
  4. Pay attention to headlines; they’re like mini calls-to-action that compel people to click.
  5. Answer questions honestly and thoroughly. Don’t create content just to sound clever, create content that educates, inspires and makes people want to share!
  6. Provide the best content and be the best resource out there. Once a customer learns the answer to one of their questions, be sure you can provide answers to ALL their questions.

Provide Compelling Content and Don’t FAQ It Up

Anticipating and solving needs will lead to an enhanced customer experience (also leading to more referrals and a healthy ROI). But you need to be fearless and be the best resource for your target audience – provide the answers with compelling content.

The best answers could be simple how-to related articles, answers to FAQs, DIY directions, comparisons or more in-depth educational content.

For example, some of the top questions a homebuyer might ask include things like, “What are my different loan options?” or “How can I sell my home quickly?” or “Am I ready to buy a second home?” If you’re a Real Estate Agent, you need to provide these answers ahead of time. It’s all about looking for the next problem to solve (not about what to sell).

Because if you don’t… someone else will.

Anticipate Customer Needs with Post Café

In the end, you’re really only as good as your customers say you are, so devote the time and energy now to fulfill their needs. Strive to deliver consistency of anticipating customer’s questions before they ask them and customers will keep coming back for more!

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