real estate marketing trendsReady to make a splash with your real estate marketing efforts? From maximizing the micro moment to streamlining your content marketing processes, here are four real estate marketing trends you can expect to see more of in 2017. If you’re ready to take your business reputation to the next level, read on.

Make a Splash with These 4 Real Estate Marketing Trends

1. Live Video

The demand for live video and virtual reality (VR) has dramatically increased across all industries recently. And the demands are not slowing down. Since most home buyers start their search online, many are already looking for live video feeds and 3-D tours; savvy realtors have already responded by begun dipping their toes in the live video scene, with great success.

Video is no longer a luxury, but a marketing necessity. Compared to a traditional listing with photos, video and 3-D tours offer a more efficient, convenient and interactive experience for the buyer that makes a much more engaging and fun process. And for the seller, it’s a safer and more convenient option as well. A win-win.

2. Social Media Advertising

Just like we experienced with Google, Facebook ads are expected to (continue to) get more expensive. Facebook ad platforms offer realtors a rich, diverse level of targeting options based on demographics, interests, behaviors and geographical locations provide a laser focused target audience. But as more Realtors are turning to social media advertising, demand will start to exceed supply and we’ll see prices increase once again.

What can you do?

Extend your reach and impressions by implementing Facebook ads now and start generating real estate leads before rates increase…or better yet, focus on organic reach by fine tuning the micro moment.

3. Micro Moment

Capturing your audience at the moment they’re open to discovery is referred to as the micro moment. For realtors, delivering the right information at the right time is critical to stand out from the crowd organically. It’s also important to show prospective clients you’re a trusted resource they can turn to in their decision-making process.

Offer useful content that answer your client’s questions before they even have a chance to ask. It’s all about anticipating their needs across the full journey of home-buying, living and home-selling process. If someone’s ready to make a purchase, you need to be there with the right content at the right time.

4. Content Marketing

Chances are, your competition is already generating content to generate organic traffic and reach new customers. And since Google’s most recent algorithm change, it’s clear that search engines prefer sites that offer useful content for their audience for specific keywords. Key word: Useful.

From first-time homebuyers, sellers looking to upsize (or downsize), relocation needs and real estate investing questions, realtors have a wide audience to capture. For a busy realtor, it can be difficult to devote the time to generate enough quality content marketing, which is why more agents are turning to automation tools in their marketing strategies.

Staying on Top of Real Estate Marketing Trends with Post Café

What makes a tool, like Post Café really awesome, is that it’s easy to use and won’t dent your budget. We understand how challenging it can be to constantly think of new content to write about, publish it regularly and share it with catchy posts on social media. Most Realtors don’t have the time for that. But thankfully, we do.

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