What is Post Café? Best Kept Secret in Social MediaEveryone is asking – “What is Post Café?” Is it a social media service? A content and blogging service? The short answer is both. When talking to Realtors, we realized how difficult it has become to constantly think of new content to write, publish it regularly and then share it on social media every day. Who has time for that, anyway? Most Realtors don’t.

The time and energy needed to develop effective social media content is often more than most real estate agents can afford.

But, that’s where Post Café comes in.

What is Post Café in a Nutshell?

In a nutshell: We’re here to handle all the social media content for Realtors so they can spend more time handling their business.

We Brew Up All the Social Media Content for Realtors

Post Café works to support small business entrepreneurs like Realtors to engage with prospective and current clients.

Our in-house writers are constantly creating buzz-worthy and professional articles. But we don’t just pump out random real estate content, we conduct extensive keyword research and closely monitor home-related trends to focus on the topics that will resonate with your clients.

Then Publish It to Your Real Estate Focused Website

The articles are then posted to your personal real estate website, www.forsaleguides.com where your name and contact information is positioned prominently, right next to every article. Your agency website, phone number, email, logo and headshot will be right there to be seen by visitors you direct to the site – either through Facebook posts that we publish for you, or with direct links that you share.

Posts include topics on renting, moving, mortgage, living buying, selling, and pretty much anything trending in the real estate industry right now.

Post Café is Your All-Powerful Social Media Content Tool

Once you’re all set up with an account, Post Café can fully automate your social media content. You just check the social media box off your list and move on to the next task of a busy Realtor.

Post Café will post multiple times per week on your business Facebook page or profile. If someone is interested and clicks on your post, they will visit your personal real estate website (with your contact information ALL over it).

If someone shares the link, anyone who reads the article will also see your business contact informationand only your information – on that page and any other article they decide to read on the hub.

It’s so easy. As you can see, with Post Café, real estate professionals get to maintain a strong, consistent presence on social media without having to do any heavy lifting.

You Look Smarter (And Have More Time)

As a result – Your clients stay engaged and you look like a thoroughly informed, industry resource.

Now, you can spend more time selling.

Post Café Summarized

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Post Café creates awesome real estate-focused Facebook posts for you that automatically post to your page.
  3. People that click on articles that you post will visit a real estate website where your contact information appears next to EVERY article
  4. Look awesome to potential clients.

How’s it Work?

We understand that staying on budget and running a business can get tricky. Starting at just $29.99, Post Café is attractive for any budget. Now you can have all the professional social media content you need… without breaking the bank.

Plus, you won’t see any start-up fees or contracts with us. Start and stop your service at any time.

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