Social media tips for moving companies

Where will your moving company be in five years? Ten? Fifteen? Based on today’s trends, your target audience is already looking for you online. They’re using Google to find your services, reading reviews on Yelp and asking friends on Facebook for recommendations to decide which company should get their business. Are they going to find you there? Don’t worry, at Post Cafe, we won’t let you get left behind. Our experts have the inside scoop on social media tips for moving companies that will make your digital presence much more effective and influential.

Social Media Tips for Moving Companies

The intention of this article is to open the door for moving companies to the world of social media and its infinite possibilities to reach new and existing customers:  stress-free. Whether you’re a start-up business, refreshing your services or simply need some inspiration, here are four social media tips for moving companies who want to stand out in a busy market.

1. Establish Solid Customer Service

Although it may seem overwhelming to imagine your moving company being looked at under a magnifying glass, the truth is that moving companies are in the service industry and service industries thrive on word-of-mouth.

Without a doubt, customer service is one of the most important differentiators. With so many other moving companies, you have to distinguish yourself from the rest by making customers the priority. When they have a good experience, they’ll not only be repeat customers, but they’ll be more likely to share their positive experience online. And on the flip-side, if they have a bad experience, you can be sure they’ll share their experience online.

Good or bad, either way, it’s important to respond promptly.

2. Build Credibility

Social media is always evolving; platforms will come and go. Businesses must adapt and evolve with the trends to communicate with customers and build deeper relationships online. Have you ever searched for a local business and felt impressed with the number of results that pop up? Or, on the other hand, have you been unimpressed if you search for a company and it’s almost as if they didn’t exist?

Have you ever Googled your own company name?

Social media content is searchable which gives you, as a moving company, leveraged messaging to educate and reach new and existing customers. Whether you post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, as you post more engaging content on social media, you’ll start to build a community of loyal followers who trust your company.

Next time you Google your name, we promise you’ll get impressed.

3. Post Relevant Content

It’s not just about cats, dogs and cute babies anymore. Social media has the power to position you as the industry authority and build credibility… when information is presented in the right way. Without a good social media strategy, you’ll get lost in the sea of endless social scrollers. In fact, most social media sites will actually penalize accounts who post irrelevant posts that aren’t engaging.

Some good examples to consider include:

  • Community Posts. Your audience loves when a company gets involved with the community. It shows that you have values and care about helping others.
  • Sharing Industry News. When something noteworthy happens in the moving industry, people want to know about it. Be the go-to resource to bring that information to your audience – who knows, it may go viral.
  • Inspirational and Educational Content. From packing hacks to moving tips, diversify your posts with helpful, valuable information. If you demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field online, customers will be more likely to trust you on the job.

4. Streamline Content Creation Processes with Post Cafe

Creating quality content for social media on a consistent basis takes time. Posts should be designed to create an emotional bond with your target audience; that means establishing relevant content (better than your competition) that speaks directly to your audience at the right time.

Streamline the entire process and enhance your social media presence by adding a simple tool in your arsenal: Post Cafe. It’s an effective and affordable way for moving companies to position themselves as an industry authority and save time so they can put the focus back on the business.

Find out more about Post Cafe for your moving company and contact us with any questions.