Businesses who want to use social media as part of their marketing efforts have one major tool at their disposal: the Facebook Business Page. Inc.com released a list of the 20 best company Facebook pages you may (or may not have) heard of before. And since everyone wants to be the cool kid on the block, our social media experts have put together a list of what they’re doing right and how you can learn from their success.

Top Facebook Business PagesFacebook Business Pages

1. Bare Escentuals

What they’re doing right: With their “hands-off” strategy, Bare Escentuals allows their fans to drive the conversation on Facebook.
Your take-away: Encourage feedback from your customers on pretty much anything from product packaging to services offered.

2. Bonobos

What they’re doing right: Bonobos’ attractive blog page provides top quality advice and generates a lot of feedback with user-generated comments on Facebook.
Your take-away: Utilize Facebook as the powerful tool that it is to refer customer traffic to your website and blog.

3. Brendan’s Irish Pub

What they’re doing right: Generating buzz, selling swag and building a community, Brendan’s Irish Pub has a loyal and excited following.
Your take-away: Check out their page, their response times to comments and messages are off the charts. Be like Brendan and make the conversation a two-way street.

4. Burt’s Bees

What they’re doing right: Fans can buy Burt’s Bees products right there on Facebook, never missing an opportunity to direct fans from Facebook to their e-commerce site.
Your take-away: Connect with fans and customers by adding interaction on Facebook.

5. Candles Off Main

What they’re doing right: Candles Off Main uses Facebook to promote product discounts, feature informative videos, offer giveaways and showcase detailed pictures.
Your take-away: Use every opportunity you can to inspire customers and entice buyers on your Facebook page.

6. Clarisonic

What they’re doing right: They’re offering virtual tours and contests galore!
Your take-away: Capture the attention of your fans by making them the star of your page. Add a touch of personality by featuring pictures of customers with your product.

7. Community Coffee

What they’re doing right: Community Coffee does more than just coffee. They’re posting recipes and opening the wall for fans to post their own, too.
Your take-away: Reach more customers by expanding your voice beyond your main product or service line.

8. eCycler

What they’re doing right: This passionate community gets excited about eCycler’s great content and fun videos.
Your take-away: Educate your audience with a professionally written blog that will not only entertain but also gain valuable trust.

9. Fresh Brothers

What they’re doing right: Fresh Brothers rewards their social media followers by offering weekly discount codes and specials; they excel at connecting with customers on a deeper level by sharing family stories and history.
Your take-away: Relate to your fans by letting your personality shine through. Offer funny anecdotes, feature employees and share trending industry advice.

10. Johnny Cupcakes

What they’re doing right: This lifestyle brand is open to product suggestions directly from customers.
Your take-away: Welcome the feedback with open arms and use it as an opportunity to drive traffic to your site.

11. Mabel’s Labels

What they’re doing right: Mabel’s Labels has a colorful homepage and they don’t miss a beat! Immediately, they invite fans to follow them on Twitter, sign up for the newsletter, read the company blog, and review products.
Your take-away: Never miss an opportunity for a call to action. Your Facebook Fan Page can be a terrific way to drive new visitors to your website.

12. Old Spice

What they’re doing right: “The Old Spice Guy.” Enough said.

Your take-away: When your post goes viral blow. It. up. Fuel it with some paid boosts and share it across all of your social media channels.

13.  Red Mango

What they’re doing right: Their main goal with Facebook was to genuinely improve communication with customers.
Your take-away: When you connect with customers on a one-on-one basis, you immediately humanize your brand. Give your Facebook company page a personality and voice that’s real.

14. Skullcandy

What they’re doing right: They’re giving users the ability to listen to music, view videos and read blogs directly from Facebook.
Your take-away: Provide multiple opportunities for your fans to engage with you on Facebook by posting news, updates, product announcements, blog articles, videos and more!

15. SmartPak

What they’re doing right: SmartPak has cultivated a very active community on Facebook and ensure that the customer is always happy.
Your take-away: View customer complaints as a way to solve problems and an opportunity to deliver great customer service.

16. Stella & Dot

What they’re doing right: As a direct-selling company, Stella & Dot uses Facebook as a unique platform to train their sellers about each product.
Your take-away: No matter what business you’re in or what services you’re promoting, add value and show the versatility of your products by providing rich and valuable content.

17. Steve Spangler Science

What they’re doing right: With fun photos, intriguing merchandise and animated videos, Steve Spangler Science is a “unique example of what one individual can do on Facebook to promote his or her personal brand.”
Your take-away: Don’t be afraid to be innovative and have some fun. Facebook can be the perfect platform for customers to be interactive with your brand 24/7.

18. Threadless

What they’re doing right: Threadless allows fans to post t-shirt designs and then vote on their favorites right from Facebook.
Your take-away: Encourage customer feedback any way you can dream up and do it as much as you can. The more engaging you can be, the better.

19. Tiny Prints

What they’re doing right: “Special features allow users to view merchandise, receive exclusive fan discounts, gain insight from Tiny Prints Inspiration Boards, and shop without leaving the social network.”
Your take-away: Create a tightly-knit community like Tiny Prints by offering off-the-charts content and customer service.

20. Zappos

What they’re doing right: They don’t use Facebook to sell products, instead it is considered the “culture cultivator” for Zappos- serving as a small, tight-knit community for their very loyal (and rabid) fans.
Your take-away: Even if your post has nothing to do with your product or service, use Facebook as a place to have a conversation and be social.

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