Attract Your Target Audience on Social Media with These 6 Key Words (not to be confused with keywords)

Social Media StrategyPosts falling on deaf ears? There’s likely a reason. You’re missing a social media strategy.

You need to use content to trigger an emotional response from your target audience on social media. You could have killer content posted on your blog, but if all you do is post once or twice on Facebook or Twitter saying, “Check out this great article,” you’re basically tossing your link up in the air, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Here’s where a well-thought out social media strategy comes in.

The 6 W Key Words You Should Be Using on Social Media

We’re talking about KEY words here, not keywords. These are powerful words used to attract your target audience on social media.

1. WHO

Using the word “Who” entices the reader to want to know who it is that you’re talking about. It’s a common and powerful psychological trigger that has actually been studied in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Grab their attention and use “Who” to make your audience want to dig deeper.

Example: Who to Follow on Social Media


“What” signifies that there is going to be a topic or subject matter discussed. You’re not giving away the secret in the title, but you’re letting the reader know that the answer is found by reading the blog or article. You’re basically telling your target audience that you have something they need to read.

Example: What You are Missing in Your Blog


“When” is actually one of the most powerful words you can use in content marketing. We are all directly impacted by time…and no one wants to wait for anything. So, be prepared to deliver results to your audience with whatever timeframe you’re promising.

Example: When You Should Post to LinkedIn


Using the word “where” fulfills the need of a community feeling. Besides, we all want to be where the action is happening!

Example: Promote Your Blogs Where the Industry Experts Do

5. WHY

Use the word “why” to let your readers know they’re going to find the solution to something right away. This is a strong word that entices the power of curiosity around your content and will result in a physiological reaction from your audience.

Example: Why All Small Businesses Need A Blog

6. WOW

That’s right. Wow. Sometimes you just need to blow the pants off people. Are you an expert in a field? Find an engaging angle and write about it. If you are a podiatrist, talk about “Craziest Footwear Designs that You’d Have to See to Believe” or “Surprising Reasons Why Sandals are Worse than Stilettos”. Give your fans something to peak their interest. One caveat though, don’t rely on “wow” words. You don’t want to be seen as constantly using click-bait. Choose your words with discretion and keep it varied.

Example: 9 Industry-Bending Small Business Websites that Will Wow You

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