Considering we just experienced the “Black Friday in July” online shopping craze in the middle of summer, we thought it would be a good time to get in on all the holiday spirit, too. Yea, we know it’s hot outside, but there’s no better time than now to start planning ahead with these fun holiday marketing ideas for Realtors.

Tis’ The Season to Make an Impact

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Realtors. Yes, we know it's still summer.Between festive parties, happy-hour get-togethers and lots (and lots) of food and wine, November through January tends to be a notoriously slower time for the real estate market. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The holidays are actually an opportune time to create a buzz worthy impact in the lives of your audience. Educated buyers are well aware of the numerous benefits of home searching during the holidays which creates an optimal environment to target those eager buyers who are searching for a deal.

Take advantage of that and stay in the forefront of the minds of those who are considering buying a house to use your services. Avoid the historically slow months ahead by executing these top three thoughtful holiday marketing ideas for Realtors.

Top 3 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Realtors

1. Express Gratitude

Everyone loves a thank you. In fact, research shows people are more loyal and willing to do more for you when gratitude is properly shown. Why not use this as an opportunity to revive your typical holiday card to arrive days before Thanksgiving with a handwritten “thank you.” This is an easy and inexpensive way to connect with past clientele and express your gratitude for their business, referrals and reviews.

Of course, you can always send an additional classic holiday card with warm wishes for the holiday season and new year ahead. Real estate agents use this traditional marketing method… because it works.

2. Give Back

Do you participate in a charity organization or volunteer at any events during the holiday season? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with your fans. It’s important to have and share community stewardship, it builds a good corporate reputation and shows that you truly care about where you live and work.

Spread the message and encourage your employees, clients, prospects, referrals to join in, too. It can be as simple as setting out a donation box for children’s gifts or elaborate as a hosting a fundraising event. Use social media posts to build up momentum and excitement before your event and when it’s over, remember to share your results with gratitude for everyone’s participation.

3. Be Social

Social gatherings are no stranger to the holiday season. Your calendar will probably be booked solid with parties and dinners. But, be sure you’re maximizing your online presence as well. The holidays can be the perfect opportunity to build engagement and make new connections through social media sites like Facebook.

No doubt your target audience will still be attached to their phones during this time of year, don’t miss out… connect with them there. You can enhance your business by educating buyers and sellers; promoting listings, services, incentives or local events; and generating traffic to attract clients. But be sure that your blog posts are written professionally, filled with interesting industry related news, helpful tips and trending topics, and that they’re shared frequently to optimize effectiveness.

Limited on Time? We’ve Got Ya Covered!

All this might sound amazing, but perhaps you’re thinking you just can’t fit it all in. If you don’t have time to generate the professional content needed to post on Facebook, let the experts at Post Café do it for you!

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