4 Simple Steps to Sell Your Products

Once upon a time, social media was the place where you went to check out cute cats and reminisce with high school buds. Times have changed. Today, social media is the land of unlimited possibilities where businesses have a golden opportunity to communicate their brand to a wide audience of potential customers. How do you get there? Join us as we walk you through these four simple steps to learn how you can sell your products and services by simply learning to sell yourself first.

Learn to Sell Yourself to Sell Your Products with Ease

Learn to Sell Yourself to Sell Your Products with Ease1. Make Some Friends

To make a sale, first and foremost you must establish trust. How? The secret is simple: focus on friendship and community…and the trust will follow naturally. Trust is THE fundamental building block of any brand, and it all starts with content. Professional and relevant content gives you the credibility that people will look towards for more information. And once they view you as the leader in your industry, they’ll engage with you on social media and maybe even become your BFF.

2. Create Value

What superpowers does your product offer? What makes you unique? It doesn’t matter if you’re selling plumbing services or quaint homes in a community; great businesses who may have something “common” to sell, need to find a unique approach and express their value throughout the content they post. It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that your competitors are hungry for your business…so you must create a unique value proposition (UVP). Your UVP is a clear statement that describes how your product or service solves customers’ problems or improves their situation, delivers benefits and tells them why they should buy from you (and the competition).

Your UVP should be so ingrained in your business DNA (selling yourself) that when it comes to selling your products, you come across so naturally and effectively that your customers will see the real you. Only one thing can make you stand out….it’s YOU.

3. Establish Authority

As an expert in your industry, you need to show that you know what you’re talking about. And the easiest way to showcase your knowledge is through your company’s blog. This includes publishing industry related articles that educate and inspire, building a library of tools, tips and tricks, as well as trending content. Become your customers’ go-to company by anticipating and offering solutions to their every need.

4. Make Magic Happen

Create experiences that literally illuminate your business. We know it takes work; social media is a moving target but people are too busy to waste time listening to bland messaging. Customers thrive on magical moments, so stay on top of trending topics to ride the wave of the unexpected, share surprises, offer up a contest, feature a valued client and make your content interesting. Make the kind of authentic moments that your audience will feel compelled and empowered to share.

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