Every Small Business on Social Media Needs to Stay ActiveIt’s not enough to create a social media account for your small business…and it’s actually not enough to publish sporadically to that account. We’re gonna let you in on a little secret: there aren’t any shortcuts to being engaging on social media. In order to succeed, you must allocate the time and efforts and, gasp, start a conversation.

Benefits of Active Small Business Social Media Business Profiles

All small businesses, from gyms to plumbers to real estate agents, have access to a unique (and free) marketing opportunity, called social media, which allows them to get engaged directly with their consumers. No other form of marketing allows you to do this! Simply by maintaining and staying active on social media, you’ll establish brand trust and boost your ROI! Let’s take a closer look:

Show Up in Search Engines

Social and search results are merging which means having an active online social presence is now essential. When you post on Twitter, for example, Google will now display your tweet on its search page. So, whether you’re posting to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, the more social networking you can do, the better!

Build Brand Awareness

Getting your business actively involved with social media is a perfect opportunity to get directly in front of your target audience and build brand awareness around your product or service. Posting regularly about your company is important but it’s also critical to be care you’re not always self-promoting. Think about what your target audience would find helpful. Sharing relevant trade news and blogs will help your business be seen as an authority and leader in your industry.

Regularly posting informative and educational articles will turn your page into a trusted resource for relevant information for your customers. Remember, it’s not about what you are interested in, it’s about what your target audience is interested in.

You don’t want to be annoying or seen as a spammer, so here’s a good rule of thumb: Share 80% about your industry and post 20% about your business.

Drive Traffic & Conversions

Regular, high quality content will keep your brand in front of consumer’s eyes as well as those of potential customers. When you post, you have the perfect opportunity to expose your company’s website and drive traffic. With more traffic, there’s a higher chance that conversion rates will also be higher!

Start the Conversation with Post Café

Develop a reputation for strong content that supports your brand image and stick to a consistent posting schedule. Post Café helps small businesses by providing the valuable content they need to get noticed on social media. Connect with us today to learn more.