Social Media Images

Image of a cute puppy and a moving box we purchased from iStock Images.

You’ve crafted the message for a social media post, identified the right micro moment, and now you just need to find social media images to capture your audience’s attention. Now.

You pop over to Google and type in, “Cute puppies and moving boxes” and in a split second, you find thousands of pictures of cute puppies and moving boxes. It all happens so fast: “Right-click” “Save Image” “Upload” “Post”

It’s so accessible and easy. Which makes it so tempting.

But hold on…they’re not free.

Can I Use Google For Social Media Images?

Maybe you found an image that conveys your message perfectly, but do you actually know if you can use the photo? When it comes to respecting photo copyright laws for sourcing images, there can be some serious consequences.

Googling for social media images to use can be tricky. For the most part, it’s safe to assume that all of the images you find on Google, or other search engines for that matter, are going to be protected by a copyright law.

Here’s what you need to know before you post an image to Facebook that doesn’t belong to you.

Using Images for Social Media: Image Copyright Law

Copyright laws for images defines the ownership of creative works and how they can be used. According to Copyright Law, Section 106, only the copyright holder can reproduce their work, make derivative works based on their work, distribute and display their work to the public.

Basically, even if the original photograph was never registered with a copyright office, the person who took it (or created it) is the only person who has exclusive rights to display it and reproduce it. And no, attributing the photo to the original photographer or linking the source won’t necessarily relieve your practice from liability.

Social Media Images are Powerful

No doubt, images for social media are a powerful way to convey a real estate message and stand out. But you need to be able to access them legally. Here are a few free and legal ways to find photos for your social media marketing:

  • Social Media Images

    Free image downloaded from Unsplash.

    Take your own picture. The safest solution is to capture your own photograph from your own camera. Nothing beats a real, live image of homes, happy customers, landscaping and more. You’ve heard it before, you must humanize your posts to really make a connection.



  • CC0 licensed images. Creative Commons licensed images are in a collaborative global community that can be copied, modified, and distributed as long as you follow the license conditions. The source has given their consent to allow pictures to be used by anyone, even for commercial purposes.
Social Media Images

Best bet? Take your own pictures. But when you need a free one fast, check out Picjumbo.



  • Unsplash. Looking for a gorgeous backdrop? Unsplash uploads 10 new royalty-free photos every 10 days to use without attribtion. The only downfall is that it’s not a searchable site.



  • Picjumbo. Browse high-resolution photos on Picjumbo. From food to festive pictures, you can download them easily with no attribution required (for most images).
Social Media Images

You know, just in case you ever need another image of a cute puppy. This one downloaded for free from Pixabay.



  • Pixabay. One of the easiest sites to search, Pixabay has a wide variety of photos to download for free with no attribution required.



  • Gratisography. Looking for an off-the-wall image free of copyright restrictions? Search Gratisography.



Social Media Images

Free image downloaded from Gratisopraphy.

  • IM Creator. From business images, to icons, to inspiration, IM Creator has a small library of premium-quality free photos available for use with attribution.



  • FreeImages. Look through thousands of pictures on FreeImages; you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Attribution is required for some images.



Social Media Images

Free photo of flowers from Picography that can be used for landscaping posts.

  • Picography. Although it’s not searchable, Picography offers a unique collection of free images for social media use.



Articles and Social Media Images with Post Café

While this may seem like just an inconvenience when you’re in a rush to post that perfect message on Facebook, just remember that those copyright laws are there for a reason. Don’t put your real estate business at any unnecessary risks or fines. Respect copyright.

Too busy to worry about writing the content and finding the right (legal) images? Let us help you lighten your load and take one thing off your to-do list. At Post Café, we write all the professional articles you need (pictures, too), so you can focus on other business goals. Call the experts at Post Café at 732-218-9377 to learn more about how realtors can benefit from this powerful social media tool.