Real Estate Social Media PostsOne of the keys to humanizing your real estate social media posts is to produce professional content that your audience is looking for, content that resonates with them. So, before you hit the share button, ask yourself, “Is this article from a trusted source?” “Can this help my clients fix their problem or get inspired?” “Will this post improve my brand’s image?”

By tailoring every single piece of content to the interests of your target audience, your engagement and trust with them fly sky high. Make it all about them, not all about you.

Create Sharable Real Estate Social Media Posts

But, professional content doesn’t need to be synonymous with boring. To humanize real estate social media posts (and make them sharable), it’s best to add some buzz to your blog. Once you start generating social word-of-mouth impressions, the sky’s the limit how far your message can reach.

In fact, studies tell us that people are much more likely (as in 92% more likely) to view a real estate agent as reputable and trustworthy if a family member or friend in their social network recommends that agent…as opposed to if they just see an ad for that agent.

People are 8-10x more likely to act on a recommendation than they are an advertisement.

So, rather than funneling endless advertising dollars into ads that no one is likely to act on, focus on sharing high-quality articles that are useful and sharable.

What You SHOULDN’T Do To Humanize Real Estate Social Media Posts

Online etiquette? Yes, it’s a thing. No matter how much you post, no matter how much you boost, if you don’t give people the impression that you’re a likable, human being, you’ll be ignored…and lose their business. Here are three guaranteed ways to put your online reputation as a realtor in jeopardy.

Don’t do these. Please.

Ignore Comments- Too busy to respond? Ouch! Guess what? You’re going to look just as poor mannered as if you had ignored them in person.  Even though you’re separated by cyber-world, there is a human behind that keyboard leaving you a comment. They deserve to be acknowledged…by a human.

Overload Newsfeed– Excited much? Though you may think everyone wants to hear from you six times a day, find a better balance. Honor your audience’s time and interests with only quality stuff that’s going to get their attention and possibly be shared. Leave the spam for your emergency food supply.

Overpromise and Underdeliver– When it comes to convincing home sellers or home buyers to use your services, nothing will lose a client faster than false advertising. We’re talking anything as drastic as a flat-out lie to something as innocent as an irregular posting schedule. The lie is an obvious no-no. But when it comes to your potential client expectations, be there for them when they need you. Maintain a consistent posting schedule and deliver beyond the expected.

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” ~Richard Branson

Post Café Delivers Real Estate Social Media Posts

Speaking to your clients’ needs and wants is the key to a winning real estate marketing strategy that gets you more clients. At Post Café, we understand the kind of content your clients are interested in (we do our research) and our articles are written in-house (by a real, live human) guaranteed to get people to click.

With Post Café, you’ll become their main resource for all things real estate, their home-buying master, home-selling expert, home-everything guru. Their go-to-guy (or gal). Anyway, you get the point.

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