The answer to this question can vary depending on who you ask. Reports, infographics, and studies – they all suggest different times to post. So, who do you believe? The key to really nailing down when the best time to post on Facebook for any small business all boils down to who your audience is, figuring out when they are online, and what your goals are. No doubt, different source studies will give you different results, which is why letting you in on our little secret so you can figure out the “right time for you.”

Get Savvy with Small Business Social Media- Know Your Audience

The secret: Get to know your audience. Who are your fans? What are their habits? What do they like?

To find out the answers to these questions, you need to check out your Facebook insights. To view insights on your business page, you must be a page admin, visit your page settings within Facebook (the gear-looking button), and then click on “View Insights”. Click on the “Posts” tab and then on the “When Your Fans are Online” tab.

With this individual information, you can find the ultimate time to post on Facebook by looking at what times your fans are online the most!

Or you can check out this cool tool, “Fanpage Karma” to find out your optimal time tailed to your industry and business’ specific audience.

Best Time to Post on Facebook Overall Engagement Rates

Generally, the majority of the results show that the best day to post on Facebook is on Thursdays and Fridays to capture the highest engagement rates. The optimal time of the day to post is early afternoon – but note, that if the time zone is with most of your audience. 1pm gets the most shares, 3pm gets the most clicks.

Remember to Reply

Once you start posting at the right time and rocking the engagement social scene, remember to respond! When someone mentions you or your brand on social media, be sure to stay on top of it with a reply. Here’s a couple quick tips: Turn on the notifications on your mobile device for all your social network and set up email notifications so you don’t miss out.

Check out one of our favorite tools for tracking mentions called “Mention,” which is basically like Google Alerts but with superhero powers.

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