Realtors Generate Leads from Social Media ContentEver wonder how savvy real estate agents seem to get endless leads (and then keep them coming back for more)? What’s their secret, anyway? We’ve got news for you: It’s not about boosting endless posts and it’s not necessarily about engagement. Wait, what?! Yes, you heard us right…. And we hear your wheels turning, “Well, how in the world do realtors generate leads from social media content, then?”

Here’s the spoiler alert: top realtors (including your competition) are focused on offering quality over quantity.

How Do Realtors Generate Leads from Social Media Content?

Stop wasting money on boosting the wrong posts to the wrong audience.

Instead of forcing outbound marketing techniques of buying expensive ads and praying for leads, treat your Facebook business page as an inbound marketing channel. Focus on quality content and you’ll start raking in the real estate leads organically.

Old-school methods? They just don’t work anymore.

The best way to turn your audience into clients is to strategically create sharable content designed to appeal to and attract qualified prospects. Start focusing on providing value to keep them coming back for more.

Answer questions before they’re asked. Be a trusted resource; one who has a well-thought out social media strategy. Because once your social media content aligns with your clients’ interests, you’ll naturally attract the traffic you need to generate leads.

3 Ways Realtors Generate Leads from Social Media Content… and Then Keep Them Coming Back for More

Once you capture your leads, you need to have a plan to keep them. Here are a few tips to help you convert those leads into sealed deals:

  1. Lightning Fast Response Time– A lightning fast response time is crucial to your success as a real estate agent. If you’re not responding to your leads quickly, you can say goodbye to all those potential customers you just captured. Why would you take the chance to lose perfectly good business? It’s up to you to take advantage of the window of opportunity. There’s no such thing as responding to a lead too quickly. Faster is better.
  2. Fire Up First Impressions– When it comes to communicating with interested leads, the more personalized you can be, the better. Sure, you need to be ready to act fast, so whip up a prepared script to outline important points. But the key is to add in a personal touch by writing or talking as you would in normal conversation. If you make the effort to establish yourself as a professional, trusted and speedy agent, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition and never miss a lead again.
  3. Create Content People Love– The internet is full of content. It’s everywhere. The good news is that by publishing the right articles in the right place and at the right times, your social media marketing becomes helpful to your audience rather than interruptive. Keep in mind that people want to share content that makes them look good, so give it to them.

Social Media Content for Realtors Made Easy

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