Realtor Digital MarketingHave you exhausted all your ideas to generate more leads? Creating a strategic marketing plan and coming up with new ideas can get overwhelming. (That’s why we’re here.) We’ve compiled a list of ideas on digital marketing for realtors, complete with tips and tricks to generate those hot leads you’ve been looking for. From marketing for millennials at the micro moment to virtual open houses, you’ll find all the information you need to kick-start your next marketing campaign.

Let’s dive in:

Realtor Digital Marketing: 17 Ideas to Generate HOT Leads for 2017

1. Set up a Facebook Page

Keep personal posts separate from business page posts. Use it to show off your listings, neighborhood insight, community outreach and helpful information.

2. Use Images

Realtors that implement a Facebook preview image with their blog post have up to 3 times as many more Facebook shares and likes than those who don’t. Find free images online or better yet, snap your own.

3. Answer Questions

There will always be questions. The sooner you answer them, the quicker you’ll gain your client’s trust. Create quality content that answers questions of potential home buyers and sellers and that trust will eventually lead to a sale.

4. Appeal to Emotions

Write listings that sell by creating a description that appeals to the buyer’s emotions. Use keywords that paint a picture and capture their attention.

5. Make a Viral Real Estate Video

Entertain or educate through a powerful video. People share videos, so you have a greater chance to be exposed to your target audience through shares.

6. Convert Visitors to Leads

Make sure you include easy-to-follow and actionable direction to visitors so they know what steps to take. A clear call-to-action is critical to help you capture hot leads.

7. Follow-Up

Track communication efforts and set calendar reminders to follow up with leads and connections.

8. Target Keywords for Realtors

Do you know the best keywords to use for maximum exposure? Research and write articles on trending topics, answer questions before your audience has a chance to ask them and take advantage of the micro-moment.

9. Take Advantage of the Micro Moment

Capture the instant when a person is open to discovery with the micro moment. Here you will cover the full range of consumer needs across every single stage of their purchasing journey.

10. Market for Millennials

Millennials don’t like surprises -especially with the home-buying process. Most of those born from early 1980s to early 2000s are first-time homebuyers, so it’s important to create content that is helpful, not canned.

11. Diversify Posts

Make the most of your marketing efforts by posting a variety of content. From helpful home-buying how-to’s complete with visuals to trending living topics to secret tips for the seller, you have the opportunity to diversify your content to reach a wide audience.

12. It’s OK to Laugh

It’s important to exude professionalism, but that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh once in a while. Create your own real estate memes to lightheartedly interact with your online audience. And you’ll probably get a share or two out of it.

13. Use Technology

Host a virtual open house by offering 360 degree immersive panoramic photography. If they can’t make it to the open house, bring the open house to them.

14. Showcase a Case Study

Have you helped a client solve a particular problem? Feature their story through a case study to generate powerful leads and gain some serious trust.

15. Offer Free Consultations

Set up a free online consultation to generate contact leads and get one-on-one time with prospects.

16. Newsjack

Scour your favorite digital news sources to find newsjacking opportunities. When it comes to local news, your target audience most likely wants to hear about anything and everything going on in their community. Post information on schools, feature new restaurants, updates on park renovations, etc. You know your area better than anyone, so leverage those topics in your own real estate posts.

17. Start a Real Estate Blog

Content creation is one of the top ways to increase business and establish a strong online image with potential clients. Stop stalling. Start today.

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