Our world is an overwhelming place. Real estate social media can be even more overwhelming. Although technology offers endless information to our fingertips, a sense of satisfaction still seems out of reach for most of us. Based on a lifetime of study, the book, The Urban Monk reveals the secrets to finding an open heart, a sharp mind, and a grounded sense of well-being, even in the most demanding circumstances. While Pedram Shojai, author of the book, brings together some no-nonsense life mastery tools to elevate existence; we’re taking those lessons learned and applying them to your social media business page.

Learn to get out of your own way… social media enlightenment, here we come!

Heal Your (social media) Soul

Stress. We all have it – especially in the high pressure real estate environment of today. Though it has evolved to help us get out of life-threatening scenarios (you know, the one where the saber-tooth is chasing down a caveman) to that adrenaline surge that allows a mother to exude superhuman strength during a crisis and move her car off a train track. In times of danger, this kind of response will save your life. Chronic stress, on the other hand… is a killer.

“We have to clear the path for the brain to fire and activate our higher spiritual faculties.”

Real Estate Social Media Can Be Stressful.How does this apply to your real estate agency’s social profile? We know you have a lot on your plate and too often, posting on social media gets pushed to the back burner. Learn to clear the path and heal the stresses of your (real estate social media) soul by becoming aware of your options that will simplify your life and your business. Don’t be afraid of change.

“Being rigid makes us fall. Being afraid of change paralyzes us.”

Use the Right Real Estate Social Media Tools

Feeling like your list never ends? We’re all overcommitted and overwhelmed. Too many things to do in too little time. Yeah, we used to fight for survival and run for our lives; today we have the luxury to sit back, take a moment to think outside the box that we’re stuck inside and realize that the stress can diminish with one simple decision.Real Estate Social Media Calendar

“How you do something is essentially how you do everything.”

Since time is quickening with technology, falling behind is all too common. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right real estate tools, like Post Café and a content calendar, you can keep up with generating content for social media posts, and send them out at the right time, every time.

“Time can either be seen as our greatest gift or our biggest challenge.”

Exude High Vibrations

Everything has a life force. The food we eat, the people we surround ourselves with, the work we do. When we eat quality foods that are full of life force, for example, we gain energy. When we take time to recharge our batteries and balance responsibilities, our energy levels and performance will spike.

“You have permission to chill.”

So, what does this have to do with social media for real estate agents? A lot. Too many of us are walking zombies. Exhausted. And if we’re exhausted, the business’ online image suffers. You must learn to work smarter, not harder. Clean up the workload and throttle energy in a sustainable (and sane) way so you can stop exuding chaos around you.

“80 percent of our positive output comes from 20 percent of our time and effort, and the flipside is that 80 percent of our time goes into bullshit.”

Do more to enhance your business and delegate the rest.

Energize Your Real Estate Social Media Page

Just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we have an excuse to forget to take care of ourselves… or our real estate brand’s image online. We simply cannot thrive in a stagnant lifestyle.

“Life needs to move or it stagnates. Life flows and so should we.”

Like in life, learning to move functionally is key for content shared on social media. Posts need to be engaging, entertaining, informational, eye-catching and they need be posted consistently.Create a strong community of brand fans with real estate social media.

“Here’s the secret: Everybody has something to teach.”

Connect with people – your audience – to create a strong community of brand fans. Offer answers before they ask and provide useful information to develop respect. Then reach out and make comments; it makes your page more real and adds a sense of camaraderie.

“Opportunities will arise that will move you in directions that will light up your life.”

Busy Schedule? Let Post Café Help You Grow Your Business with Social Media for Realtors

If you’re running your own business, you already know that your bandwidth is usually a limiting factor. Learn to get help where you need it (calm the chaos) and you’ll get better at everything you do.

Call us at 732-218-9377 to learn more about how to use this powerful tool to your fullest advantage. Investing in social media is key for business success, so rather than adding more chaos to your life, turn to the experts at Post Café to make your life easier.