The first rule of a successful Facebook profile is that there really isn’t a “quick-fix” solution. One of the advantages of posting on social media is the ability to easily change (or delete) your posts, revise your strategy and experiment. As with other marketing efforts, it may take some time before seeing significant results.

With a little effort, however, you can turn an ordinary post into one that truly stands out in the eyes of your audience, generates more business and leads to … well, more leads!

All it takes is knowing what to include – and what to avoid – when posting on social media. Consider the following tips to make the most out of your next Facebook post:

DO: Utilize hashtags when possible. DO NOT: Get hashtag-happy.

FHashtag Posting On Social Mediaor Facebook, one or two relevant hashtags can be beneficial when used correctly. They are meant to connect your content with other people who are talking or searching for that same thing; therefore, extending your reach. What cause is relevant to your audience? Do you have a specific industry-related hashtag you could be using?  You might want to use one in your next post!

But be careful, don’t flood the post with so many hashtags that you lose the message. Any more than two hashtags in a Facebook post and your engagement rates start to drop.

DO: Show. DO NOT: Tell.

The challenge with creating any post is finding a way to maximize what small amount of space you have in order to “sell” your brand to a prospective customer. Most people are probably skimming their newsfeed for relevant and interesting posts that stand out.

Posting on Social MediaDon’t pile everything into one block of text; a visual experience must be created.

Your posts can generate up to 94% more views if you add compelling visual elements like pictures and video. Make the most of your space by creating an image to go along with your message, include a call to action in the copy and a link at the end.

Videos are a great way to help you communicate your message more clearly than any other medium, because fans get to “see, feel, and hear” what it’s truly like to use your brand or service.

The easier the message is to consume, the more likely your customers will actually stop scrolling on their phone and take notice.

DO: Target Posts. DO NOT: Post too often.

Facebook has quite a few targeting tools that enable a small business to segment organic posts by age, gender, education, location, etc. Use these to your advantage to hone in on using the right content for the right audience. But be careful, once you find your target recipe, don’t over-post.

More posts do not necessarily mean you’ll gain more exposure in a shorter period of time. In fact, doing so could overwhelm your customers, doing more harm than good. The last thing you want is for followers to get annoyed and start blocking you from their feed.

DO: Proofread. DO NOT: Assume your audience doesn’t hold you to the same standards as them.

Proofed Posting on Social MediaYour Facebook page directly represents your company, so you need to maintain a solid reputation with high standards. But even the best, most thorough writers aren’t immune to the occasional tyhpo (it’s OK, we meant to do that), so take a moment to proofread your posts before they go live.

Try this out for size: Read every word in your post out loud to catch any awkward phrasings, missing words or unclear terms. By saying it aloud, you can catch mistakes your eyes may have glazed over at 3:30 p.m.

DO: Plan ahead and post at the right time of day. DO NOT: Post whenever you feel like it.

Some research shows that posts published on Thursdays and Fridays capture the highest engagement rates. And those posted between the hours of 1pm-3pm get the best click through and share rates. But this isn’t a cookie-cutter answer for everyone. It all depends on when your target audience is online.

Social Media Calendar for Postings on Social MediaAnd guess what? You have the tools to figure that out! See for yourself in our recent blog, Facebook for Small Business – How to Nail the Best Time to Post and get to know your audience better today.

Although social media thrives on instant, real-time communication, you need to also plan ahead and strategize instead of posting only when the moment moves you. Check this out, Post Café has even created a free Social Media Content Calendar template to help realtors get started in planning out their next quarter. Use it as a guide to brainstorm your social media content and successfully execute your next digital marketing campaign.

Attract New Business with Effective Posts on Social Media by Post Café

Now that you know what to do and what to avoid when posting on social media, you can start marketing your small business with confidence. Feel assured knowing that the content you’re sharing on Facebook will help you see some serious results and attract new customers.

Establish yourself as an authority and use Facebook to grow your online presence with Post Café today; call us at 732-218-9377 to learn more!