Provide Value on Social MediaAs a business, the more you are able to provide value on social media, the greater your reputation will be…and the greater the trust you’ll build with followers. Share your expertise without expectation and they’ll keep coming back for more. Resist the urge to sell, sell, sell and you’ll create an even better name for yourself.

It’s easy. And you don’t even have to worry about giving away the farm.

Here’s how.

Provide Value on Social Media with Content

Provide Value on Social Media

Hop on the saddle, cowboy. It’s time to go for a ride online.

It’s rare that you could ever give away so much information that people could afford to do everything on their own. For example, Realtors can share general home selling tips or advice about buying your first home, but no matter how valuable people may find your articles, they don’t replace you as the real estate expert. So, when they need help, and chances are they eventually will, you’ll be able to profit from all the free content you’ve been providing them.

You’ve been providing valuable content online, right?

By consistently providing amazing content on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you won’t need to advertise how awesome you are. Your community will already know it based on what you’ve shared. Because, when they’re ready to invest in using your service, or give a recommendation to a friend who needs your help, they won’t need to respond to an ad that tells them who to call. They won’t even need to do a Google search to find who they’re looking for.

They’ll already know and trust your brand. They’ll already like you, so they’ll turn to YOU to solve their problem.

Provide Value on Social Media Consistently

Provide Value on Social Media

Hey you. Yeah…we’re talking to you.

When you provide value on social media through digital content, you will create a great reputation and return…but only over time and through consistent effort. Just think about it. The first time you come in contact with a new business, did you trust them immediately. Probably not. It takes time to build a solid relationship and it takes consistent exposure to build that all-important trust you’re looking for.

In the long run, the businesses who succeed on social media are the businesses that share useful, engaging posts with their customers and prospects. The important question is, what kind of information do your consumers truly like? What do they value? What kind of content will get them to authentically click “Like” (or click “Love” or “Haha”) and increase your organic visibility?

For the answers, look to what you already know about your audience, think about the kind of posts that would make you click “Like” or leave a comment.

The truths of the matter is: we’re all bombarded by more advertisements and marketing messages every day – more than we can even count. You have an opportunity to rise to the top of the clutter by producing content that people will actually want to see and read.

Provide Value on Social Media

Make your content as tempting to click as a cute puppy.

Think like your customers and share content that will provide answers to their challenges; remember, you’re not only competing with your competitors for your customer’s attention, you’re also competing with pictures of my best friend’s puppy.

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