Social media is an integral piece for any business (large or small) and Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to have an online presence. After all, it is your customer’s virtual window into your business; but are you meeting them there? Jack Daniel’s has been doing it right… and here’s what we can learn from their social media strategy: Tell. Don’t Sell.


Lessons Learned from Jack Daniel’s Social Media Strategy

The folksy, Americana whiskey maker has told their story for over 50 years, building the brand by bringing the past back to life.  They frequently share photos and videos with a distinctly nostalgic feel, giving fans a glimpse into the distillery’s rich heritage across all their social accounts.

They Mix it Up

“In terms of content, photos and videos of cocktails and distilling work just as well as old-timey photos of Jack Daniel’s and distillery artifacts.” They’re not afraid to mix the old in with the new. “The brand, therefore, frequently employs photos and videos of recipes and various steps in the distilling process, such as “charcoal mellowing.”

Lessons Learned From Jack Daniel's Social Media StrategyJack Daniel’s is experimenting with their social media strategy by using Facebook Live- streaming events and tours of the distillery. And now they’re even hosting a Facebook scavenger hunt for their 150th Anniversary that offers the whiskey fans a chance to win one of the iconic barrels it was distilled in.

As a business, you can learn from Jack’s tactics by embracing and mixing in content and experiences that directly reflect who you are and allow your audience a peek inside your brand’s virtual window.

They Stand Out

One of the challenges many businesses face with their social media strategy is standing out in the overwhelming amount of traffic. Facebook’s algorithm determines what your audience will see on the basis of what they’re already interacting with. You’re competing with their friend’s milestones, cute cat videos… and Jack Daniel’s.

Jack Daniel’s has a robust social media presence across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram — where their tactic is all about telling, not selling. But how do they stand out (besides the fact that they’re “Jack Daniel’s”)? They have personality and transparency – they approach people as if they’re friends (at a cocktail party) rather than trying to sell to them.

What Do You Represent?

Jack Daniel’s represents more than a brand name. They have people who embrace their brand that don’t even drink. Sound strange? They represent integrity and have an authentic voice, which allows consumers to identify with them on an entirely different level and cut through the newsfeed.

Businesses often make the mistake of thinking they can simply post status updates about business, business, business. (Sell. Sell. Sell.) But the reality is that you need to have consistent messaging with interesting content that appeals to your audience. It needs to be MORE exciting and engaging than those cute cat videos.


People Buy People (Not Products)

It’s no accident that Jack Daniel’s customers identify so closely with their brand on social media. Why? Their online presence directly reflects their brand personality ensuring every message relates closely to their brand’s core messaging rather than simply being used as another selling medium.

Your customers want to know who you are and what you stand for before they even look at your products, homes for sale or services. Once you develop your brand identity, stay true to that in store and online…. Or your message may just get thrown out the virtual window.