Real Estate Digital Marketing

Overhaul your digital marketing efforts and watch your engagement go sky-high!

Agents looking to set their business apart from the rest often turn to social media to make an online impact. But, it’s not enough to simply send out posts whenever you feel like it or finally have a spare moment. Your clients are out there, and they’re looking for answers online. Will they find you in their search? To get attention from your past, current and future clients (and be effective), real estate digital marketing needs to answer those questions, but at the same time, be professional, consistent and engaging.

More than likely, that means it’s time for a social media overhaul! If your online marketing strategies are not getting results you were hoping for, it may be time to change the way you approach it.

The experts at Post Café put together 4 real estate digital marketing tips that will help you keep engagement sky-high with past, current and future clients so your real estate brand can start getting the notice and leads that you deserve.

Power Up Your Real Estate Digital Marketing Efforts

1. Stop the Nonsense

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Stop the nonsense already: stop flooding your followers with meaningless posts.

Users turn to social media to be entertained and informed. Brands who simply post for the sake of posting each day are not going to keep fans engaged. In fact, it has the complete opposite effect. It will get them ignored.

The trick to get the most out of your real estate digital marketing efforts is to stick to the 80/20 rule. When creating your posts, 80 percent of your posts should be directly connected to your audience’s micro moment. Write content that resonates with your fans at all stages of their home journey such as home selling tips, home buying tips, industry information, lifestyle how-to’s, community happenings, etc. The other 20 percent should be about your real estate brand and what you can offer.

2. Start with the Right Channel

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Get the most bang for your buck with Facebook and Twitter.

Some realtors exhaust themselves trying to keep up with too many social media channels in an effort to try to reach everyone, everywhere. What they end up with is an inconsistent posting schedule and poor quality posts that don’t make the impact they were hoping to achieve. Since each social media channel has a specific purpose and audience type, it’s important to start with the right one.

If you want to achieve the most success with your real estate digital marketing efforts on social media, turn to the top two giants: Facebook and Twitter. Once you have a handle on those, add in YouTube, and Instagram. These four social media channels offer the greatest reach (read: “bang for your buck”) to connect realtors with property buyers and sellers.

3. Make the Connection

Real Estate Digital Marketing

The National Association of REALTORS estimates 92% of home buyers used the Internet during the house-hunting process. Your real estate marketing digital strategy can help you open the doors to new clients online…and help your clients open the doors to their new home.

You have an audience. Whether your primary target is millennial buyers searching for their first home or empty nesters looking for a home to retire, make a connection with them directly.

There are two ways for businesses to get some attention on social media: organic (free) reach or paid social media boosts and ads. To gain organic social media reach, posts need to be so strong and so interesting that followers feel a connection and want to share the helpful insight with their own social circles.

Talk to your fans as though they were in the room with you. Share eye-catching posts with relevant content to showcase how you can help them based on their specific needs.

If you want to ramp up your organic reach on Facebook, share helpful posts like home staging tips, style guidelines, how-to lists and engaging images. Let potential buyers know you’re up on the latest trends and create top-of-mind awareness like never before. For Twitter’s microblogging format, utilize statistics and links for useful real estate information (remember to utilize hashtags to extend your marketing reach).

Instagram is the perfect channel to showcase property images and short videos tagged with the Photo Map feature so fans know where they can find the featured homes and use YouTube to create neighborhood tour videos and engaging listing videos.

4. Bring in the Pros

Overwhelmed or intimidated by the thought of creating all the content you need to establish a strong social media presence (and would rather focus on selling real estate than navigating Facebook and Twitter)? Post Café is here to help.

When you invest in a specialist to cover your content and social media needs, you’re investing in your business which can free you up to focus on what you love to do. At Post Café, our marketing experts monitor trending industry topics and perform extensive keyword research to find out what’s going to resonate with your clients. We write all the trending blogs and post them to your social media accounts, so you don’t have to.

Let the experts at Post Café help you with the content so that you can connect more with clients one-on-one. Call us at 732-218-9377 to learn more.