Gift Ideas For RealtorsGift givers block. Hard to come up with gift ideas? Yup, just like writer’s block, it’s a real thing.

Although most real estate agents will agree that a referral is the best present they could ever receive, but aside from that, here are a few unique gift ideas for Realtors to give clients that are sure to impress. Guaranteed.

6 Gift Ideas For Realtors

1. Add Ambiance with Mini Speakers

Gift Ideas For RealtorsWe’re currently obsessed with these mini, super-portable speakers that will (literally) let your present do the talking. A great gift to give sellers to use for open houses, mini speakers help add ambiance to any setting on-the-go. They’re aesthetically pleasing and either plug into the phone or connect via Bluetooth so they can play music anytime, anywhere.

2. Extend the Charge with a Portable Charger

Gift Ideas For RealtorsNothing is worse than having your phone die, especially for a home buyer who’s waiting to seal the deal on their new home. Portable external battery chargers come in so many variations, you’re sure to find one that fits your budget. lists their top 30 portable chargers. Our fav? The incredibly small, stylish LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro that charges fast with two outputs.

3. Add a Touch of Personality with Customized Products

Gift Ideas For RealtorsPersonalized items play a key role for clients who may own their own business. They can add a touch of something special to any an ol’ item. From pens and notepads to a leather portfolio and business card cases, the possibilities are endless. Show your clients that you care and help them achieve success (beyond finding their dream home) with name recognition.

4. Fly Sky High with a Drone

Gift Ideas For RealtorsNeed a gift that really makes a big impression? Drone technology has taken real estate imagery to the next level enabling aerial images and videos of real estate beyond the norm. Help your clients get ahead of the market competition with a quadcopter side-kick. has a handy list of five drones perfect for home sellers.

5. Donate to their Favorite Cause

Gift Ideas For RealtorsFind out which charities are most important to them and donate your time or funds to help the cause. Your gift will not only make them feel great, but studies also show that when you donate to a charity, your brain acts in a similar way to when you are eating chocolate; it makes you happier, too! This reward or pleasure response to giving is the physiological reason behind the ‘warm glow’ or that good feeling you get when you give and why you may choose to spend money on others or charity compared to yourself.

6. Looking for a Gift to Give a Co-Worker? Give the Gift of Time with Post Café

Gift Ideas For RealtorsShow your agent that you care with the gift of time; this gift gives all year-round. Savvy real estate agents know that staying consistent on social media platforms, like Facebook, is critical to their success, but it takes time to come up with (and write) all that content and make a posting schedule. With the growing popularity of social media and importance of online content, it makes good sense to give the realtor in your life the gift of Post Café. We write a mix of fun, trendy articles and publish them right to their Facebook page. For less than $3 a post, they can stay active on social without even lifting a finger.

Post Café is the easiest way for realtors to be active within social media; we write all the content, post it to their social account for you and give them the credit right on the article! Want to learn more about gifting Post Café to your favorite real estate agent? Contact us at 732-218-9377 to find out more.