social media success for Interior DesignersEver get so tired of throwing your money away at paid ads? Feel like quitting the social media scene all together? We feel your pain, we hear it all the time. If you’re ready to find a social media marketing strategy that really works, for good this time, you need to be patient. Social media success for interior designers (or any other industry for that matter) doesn’t happen overnight.

How To Design a Strategy That Really Works

Too many people look at social media as their next quick fix. You know the ones I’m talking about. Those who want 6 months worth of marketing results in just a few weeks’ (or days’) time?

Social media success for interior designers takes effort, time and true dedication. But you’re a designer. Your job is to make spaces more functional, safe, and beautiful. You’re also a business owner, so your job is to wear many hats and help people solve problems.

Pick Your Platforms

Pick the platforms that make the most sense for your brand right now and decide how you’re going to be effective at communicating with your audience there.

Separate your content into the appropriate channels so you can cater to your customers’ expectations. If you’re just getting started, consider putting your efforts into one of the main players first: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, but keep others, like Pinterest, in mind for the future.

Once you have identified your channels, set a strategy in place for how often you will distribute your content. Having a set strategy will help you stay consistent with your posts and help you build your reputation.

Build Your Reputation & Earn Their Trust

Loyalty is the pot of gold in the social media world. It’s our eternal goal. But, to gain loyalty, we have to build trust.

But to build trust, we have to stay top-of-mind.

And, social media algorithms are kind of tough on businesses. Why? Because most businesses tend to post too many irrelevant, irregular, salesy posts. It’s time to shift that thinking from “What’s in it for me?” to “How can I help my audience solve their challenges?”

As an interior designer, you should have a lot of visual content to share, but don’t forget about the “Tips and Tricks,” the “How-to’s,” and the “DIY” articles that deliver solutions to the very problems your audience is looking for answers on. Mix in your own style with helpful and relevant content and you’ll be known as one of the go-to resource for interior designers with an audience waiting to hear from you.

Make a Commitment

Social media success requires consistent effort and that takes time. It’s important to understand that social media isn’t an overnight fad, it requires commitment and patience to add value, grow loyalty, and get leads. It will only work if you put the work in, too.

We get it, all that effort isn’t really considered a ‘sexy’ part of the job. You started this career because you love to help your clients with innovative solutions…not dig through information, generate content and strategize hashtags.

But, we love content. It’s in our blood. It’s what we do. And, we’re good at it, too.

Your personal brand + Post Cafe = Social Media Success

Pretty much anyone who’s ever updated a business status can attest, coming up with relevant social media content is time-consuming. If the thought of coming up with social media content, along with an armful of other tasks, sounds familiar to you, listen up.

Instead of getting flustered by trying to figure out what kind of content to create, how to write it and where and when you should post on social media, trust in Post Café to handle all that for you.

Social media success for interior designers takes effort, but we’re here to make it easier on you. Post Café can help you leverage all that social media has to offer for your interior design business, while allowing you the freedom to focus time and resources on your clients. Find out more about how Post Cafe can help your brand and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.