Your small business website homepage is basically your store-front. Because it sees the most traffic (that results in leads and sales), it is the most important page on your website. The designers at CMDS, a top web development agency, have put together twelve essentials for your company website. From catchy headliners to call-to-action buttons that pop, the following should be a priority.

Remember: first impressions are key!

  1. Headliner – We’re not just talking about slapping your company name on top of your homepage, but creating a great headline that quickly answers the question, “What can this company offer me?” Clear and simple. To the point.
  2. Secondary Copy – When writing copy for your website, provide helpful, knowledgeable information about your products and services. Show value and inspire customers.
  3. Visuals – Most of us are visual. Grab visitors’ attention with a clean and simple visual design including a header image that’s relevant to your industry.
  4. Simple Navigation – Use navigation as the framework to your website. Keep it simple. After the homepage, the top most important (and most-visited pages) on a website include the About Us page, Blog, and Contact us Page. Make sure the framework for driving traffic to those pages is optimized.
  5. Call-To-Action – Primary calls-to-action (CTA) placed above the fold can be critical in driving conversions. Include buttons, forms and subscriptions for newsletters.
  6. Buttons – Stand out on the page by choosing a color for your button that is opposite on the color wheel from your brand’s color theme.
  7. Forms – Give visitors plenty of opportunities to contact you. Forms greatly increase conversion rates; as you capture their email addresses, you have the opportunity to target them again through email marketing.
  8.  Search – This tool is vital for repeat users and is usually placed in the top right corner of the homepage. It can be a handy magnifying glass or simple empty field to invite customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.
  9. Testimonials – Testimonials are a powerful indicator of trust. Include a few of your best (brief) quotes on the homepage along with a name and photo to make it come to life.
  10. Offer – Feature an offer that they just can’t refuse and capture even more leads in the process! Free eBook, guide or whitepapers do the trick.
  11. Learn More – Whether you link to your blog as a resource center to learn more or include how-to videos, give your audience a chance to learn more about your product or services before they buy.
  12. Contact Information – Include multiple methods of contact including your phone number, email address and mailing address.