Realtor ReviewsAuthentic and credible customer realtor reviews have the power to set you apart. They have the power to influence prospective buyers’ and sellers’ decisions to work with you. Testimonials paint a clear picture of you. As a trustworthy real estate agent, you can get the job done better than anyone else in town.

Social Proof on Realtor Reviews

The number of positive customer reviews you have may have a bigger impact than you realize. Check out these stats you cannot ignore.

  • Your customers are looking for your reviews: Buyers consult reviews early in the search, with 68% reading reviews as they build their shortlist. 
  • They’re just as convincing as a friend’s referral: 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • They may buy a bigger house with you:  Customers spend 31% more with a business that has “excellent” reviews.
  • They gain big trust: 97% of B2B buyers said that user generated content, like reviews, is more credible than other types of content.
  • Don’t wait to ask: 44% of consumers say a review must be written within one month to be considered relevant.
  • Because they have the power to influence a decision fast: 89% of users will make a purchase within one week of reading online reviews.

Feeling a little shy to ask for a review? Don’t be. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Just Ask

You can’t be afraid to ask for reviews. All those clients who love you are probably already expressing how happy they are with you to their friends in person. Word-of-mouth works, but we want them to spread the love to everyone else, too.

Simply ask them to share their experience with the rest of the online world.

But You Must Ask the Right Questions

Don’t just ask for a review, ask specific questions to prompt them to attest to your effectiveness, trustworthiness, communication, personality, character, etc.

For example, “How did I meet (or exceed) your needs for …?” Every buyer has a different set of criteria for what they’re looking for in an agent, so secure a diverse selection of questions (regarding what makes you so great) to broaden your appeal to a wide audience.

Make it Easy

Whether on Facebook, Google, Yelp or LinkedIn, encourage them to use whatever they’re most comfortable and willing to use. (Make it too hard and they won’t do anything at all.)

Send them an email with a direct link to each social site’s review page so they can just click and write their story.

Present Them

Once you collect your feedback, present it with style. Stay true to what the client wrote about you, but make it eye-catching with a visual post.

For example, use bold headlines or italics to allow the text to pop out in a few powerful sentences that overlay a faded-out image. Create an appealing headline, like, “Just finished helping the Brown family purchase their dream home! Such a pleasure to work with them.” And then link to your testimonial page.

Say Thanks!

Every time you receive a new testimonial, thank the individual for taking their time to do so, then share it with the world to motivate more clients to leave feedback.

Supplement Reviews with Powerful Content

Outside of realtor reviews, powerful content is also a must. Check out our recent post, “New to Real Estate Content Marketing? Here’s How (and Where) To Get Started,” and “Get Your Audience to Actually Read Your Posts: Why Professional Content on Facebook Works,” to find out more.

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