Facebook RecommendationsFacebook has announced yet another overhaul of their social platform. This time it is in effort to make it easier for users to interact with local businesses and see recommendations from friends- all without ever having to leave their site. For realtors, Facebook Recommendations are a convenient tool to improve local business relationships. This is achieved by sharing with new homebuyers so they can learn more about their community.

Reviews Are Essential for the Reputation of Local Businesses

Reviews prove to be an extremely popular method of persuasion for consumers when trying to decide what to purchase. In fact, take a look at some of these mind-blowing stats about the importance of reviews and word of mouth:

For local businesses and consumers, it is clear that online reviews are increasingly important. They play a huge role in the research process before a customer makes a purchase.  No longer will they have to rely on the reviews of strangers on Google, Yelp or Amazon, though. They can now leverage the power of their trusted friends to get the ‘seal of approval’ for places to go and services to use. All right on Facebook.

Facebook Recommendations from Trusted Friends

Facebook Recommendations is aiming to provide all the information users need in one convenient place. Even though their main goal is to keep us all inside the social network’s walls, it is a great feature for those who may be new to the area and are looking for services, things to do locally and places to dine. Because the recommendations come from people they know, they can trust it to get the latest on new go-to spots.

Take a peek at the new updates found in the Facebook Pages and Events tools. These tools allow users to poll their friends for recommendations on great places to visit, which restaurants are best and what businesses can be trusted. These recommendations appear on a map with a direct link to the individual pages for those businesses. Thus allowing visitors to even purchase items directly from the company.

There will also be an activity feed of what the user’s friends have been doing lately along with recommendations based on the types of events their social circle prefers. Additionally, Facebook will curate upcoming events that are popular in the area. Facebook can also highlight those that it thinks the user will be interested in.

But wait, there’s more. Facebook’s changes don’t stop there. Real Estate Agents will also be able to add the function on their company page to schedule appointments directly through the platform. The slot of the entire period is visible, and users can book per your availability of time. Once boked, it will be confirmed via Messenger.

More new features for local businesses also include ordering food, getting a quote for services and purchasing tickets.

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