Facebook Pages RealtorsBrace yourselves…Facebook’s got a brand new look! Don’t worry though, for the most part, many elements on Facebook Pages for realtors are still the same…but you should be prepared for the designs that have (or are soon to be) changed.

Have you noticed?

What’s New? Facebook Business Page Layout

Facebook has recently been testing out a cleaner, newer version of the Business Page layout to freshen things up a bit. The first thing you’ll notice is that your new Facebook Page feels less cluttered. No more cramming in buttons and features at the top of your page.

Welcome the space. Embrace the space. But use the space wisely.

In the redesign you’ll notice that your profile picture is smaller in size and repositioned right below the cover image. But… (cue the hooray!) the profile picture will no longer overlap your cover photo.

This makes the cover photo the center of attraction on Facebook Pages for realtors. Everything that was once hiding this important real estate of your page is now cleared out of the way.

Shine the light on your cover photo without worrying about overlap!

In this update, you’ll also notice more prominent call-to-action buttons such as “Like” “Message” or “Visit Website.” These important CTA buttons are no longer crowding the cover image either. Though they still retain their position on the right, they’re much more organized and more enticing for the clients to click.

No more worrying about having to design your cover photo around all of those elements or overshadowing your brands backsplash.

Facebook Pages for Realtors Best Practices

Cover Photo

Maybe you’re featuring a listing or showcasing an open house. Either way, you want it to fit correctly and look professional.

Search the Facebook’s Help page and you’ll find their current recommendations for the size of your cover photo to be displayed on desktop browsers at 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, and on mobile browsers at 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall.

Not sure what looks best?

Test it on both screens to be sure it looks right- especially if you have text that overlays your image so it doesn’t get cut off.


Your call-to-action buttons are brighter and bolder making it more likely to ‘click’ with clients. Even create different options for desktop and mobile users such as encouraging mobile users to visit your website and desktop users to call.

Don’t push the buttons to the back burner or you’ll be missing out!


Now, you can find your tabs on the left sidebar. And guess what? They remain stationary as users scroll down your page, so they’re more likely to click for more information. If you haven’t filled out your About tab yet, now’s the time!

Visual content is now more important than ever. Not only are the Photos and Videos tabs in prime location just below the About tab, the featured video also appears above your About box on the right side as well.

Give potential clients a good first impression with up-to-date photos and videos of your services and featured homes.

Reach Your Target Audience with Facebook Pages for Realtors

Ready to take your Facebook page to the next level and make it sparkle? Get creative with customized tabs for custom features. For example, highlight customer reviews, encourage potential clients to contact you, sign up for your newsletter, or even promote your blog.

Savvy real estate agents know that the key to a successful Facebook page is not just about posting a fancy cover photo, but also keeping status updates as consistent and professional as possible. And we can help! Post Café is the easiest tool out there that allows you access to a wide variety of professional content quickly and affordably. Call us at 732-218-9377 to learn more.