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Feeling stuck coming up with fresh Facebook post ideas for your business? Even if you’re just posting once a day, it can add up. Coming up with a continuous stream of Facebook posts that actually get some attention gets increasingly more challenging.

The possibilities for content are endless. The trick is to have a stash of general Facebook post ideas and go-to concepts for your social media content calendar in your back pocket.

Let’s dive in.

1. UGC (User Generated Content)

UGC (User Generated Content) Post Cafe

UGC, user generated content, can offer big benefits for businesses. Generally, UGC is viewed as the most authentic type of posts on social media, so your audience will trust it more. The more they trust your posts, the more they’ll trust your brand.

Source UGC on Facebook by adding client testimonials and customer reviews to images or share user posts directly to your page. Remember to tag the users and thank them, too.

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2. Relevant Articles 

One of the best way to drive action is to promote relevant articles and blogs. Besides, you’ve already worked so incredibly hard on writing them, it only makes sense to share them! Just be sure to promote topics other than your products or services. Think in terms of informational, news-worthy, motivational, helpful…before promotional.

Provide a brief summary of the article, enticing your audience to read it. The sneak peak should provide a quote from the blog and relevant, eye-catching image.

3. Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes Post Cafe

What better way to showcase your transparency than going behind the scenes and showing off your company’s culture! Nothing makes more of a connection with an audience than authenticity.

For example, consider snapping a picture of your staff at a team building event or an informational video about a new product or service offering.

4. Trending

Industry news is important to share, even if you didn’t write it. In fact, sometimes it’s better if it’s sourced from another (non competitive) industry leader. Your job, as a thought leader, is to stay on top of newsworthy and trending articles and share it with your followers quickly.

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5. How To’s

How To’s Post Cafe

Take the time to create a store of evergreen Facebook posts, like “How To” articles, that you can post when you’re feeling stuck. Evergreen posts, those long-lasting topics you can use at any time, allow you to easily post (and re-post) content on the fly. Mix in useful “How To” tutorials, lists, product reviews and instructional articles with other, trending content.

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6. Community

For local businesses, it’s extremely valuable to engage with local community businesses. The more you show them some love, the more love they’ll share back! Consider sharing information about community events and posting pictures of your own business engaging at community events.

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7. Promotional

The best way to catch your audience’s attention is to post a promotion that doesn’t appear like a blatant sales pitch. Position your brand in a way that helps solve a problem for your audience, rather than what your products or services consist of or just asking them to make a purchase.

Instead, take interest in how it will benefit your audience. How will it make them feel? One really great way to do this is by asking fans to show their love for your products (refer to number 1).

As a reminder, businesses should aim to follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to Facebook posts. Your content should be made up of 80% engaging (#1-6) content and only 20% promotional content (#7). This keeps your feed fresh, authentic…and from feeling like a sales pitch.

Give them what they want and you’ll stand a better chance to get them to click.

Endless Facebook Post Ideas from Post Cafe

With seven ideas right there, that’s one for every day of the week! But, we get it. Generating content takes a lot of time and resources, especially when you already have your hands full. When it comes to evergreen content and relevant articles that keep you top-of-mind with your Facebook audience, Post Cafe has you covered from A to Z.  We’ll leave the behind-the-scenes posts up to you!

Post Cafe is designed to serve a wide range of company types. Choose from 12, 30 or 60 posts per month. All plans are integrated with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Check it out and try it free today!