We all know there are certain things in a business that can easily be fixed that will streamline processes and make significant improvements (ultimately making life easier). But small business owners are often too busy doing client work to make it happen or even notice that these errors – sometimes made on a daily basis – are doing more harm than they realize.

One of those errors that we just can’t afford to ignore is content. Here are 3 common content mistakes small business owners make all too frequently.

Letting the Fire Die

Content creation is the fuel for your marketing fire; it’s the first step for any brand to be active on social media. But in order to allow content to become the great igniter for your customers’ engagement that it is, businesses must tap into the power of their audience. The right audience.

Find Your Target Audience and Engage Them (Don't Just Sell to Them) | Common Content MistakesDon’t waste time targeting the wrong people who aren’t interested in your product or service. For a social media marketing campaign to work, small business owners need to be clear about who they are targeting and then engage with those fans (don’t just sell to them).

Out of all the common content mistakes we see, this one happens way too often; social media is used as a one-way street to promote new products, announce sales and push discounts. Instead, add some fuel to that fire by making consumers feel involved. Simply communicate with them, ask for opinions, get feedback, share news-worthy content.

News-worthy content you say? Keep reading…

Going Solo

Guess what’s tougher for organizations than creating great, news-worthy content? Creating great content consistently. But that’s exactly what you need if you’re serious about building a strong, trustworthy online reputation. And almost every successful business owner reaches a point where they realize they can’t do it alone.

Getting help means outsourcing at least some of your content creation to the professionals, (ahem, like our team over at Post Café) who will efficiently manage a reliable flow of articles and maintain your high-quality standards.

And BAM! That’s it. Gone are the days of feeling so overwhelmed and pressured by the thought of having to sit down to write for hours and think up of catchy social posts.

No one has that kind of time (or patience). But we do. Let’s chat!

Flying Blind

For many small businesses, writing a blog tends to be pushed down low on the long list of priorities, usually due to a lack of time and budget… it’s tempting to skip writing, let alone come up with a plan for future content.Ensure Your Business Has a Social Media Content Calendar | Common Content Mistakes With no social media calendar, they’re flying blind. Creating a plan doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, we have a simple social media content calendar to help you get started. Download your free template, today!

Planning ahead is a game changer. What are you waiting for?

Avoid Common Content Mistakes

There has never been a better time to find a great, inexpensive content that provides excellent, professional solutions for your business profile… than now. Let Post Café take over the reins – you’ll be glad you did.