Social Media AudienceEvery day, people are faced with new content and marketing messages online- anything from a tweet to a Facebook campaign and everything in between. It’s a circus out there. For brands, posting relevant content on social sites like Twitter and Facebook keeps your audience engaged and creates unique opportunities to generate sales….but, in today’s environment, it’s not enough to share just any content. Understanding the personal traits of your social media audience will help you gain a deeper insight on the kind of content to publish as well as what makes them more or less likely to make a purchase and use your service.

Gaining this understanding is not an easy task; it takes some time to get it right. Let’s start with some basics about strengthening your social media audience.

Knowing Your Social Media Audience

When developing and executing any social strategy, it’s critical to know the people you’re trying to reach. You’re going to want to get inside their heads to truly understand who they are, where they work, where they live, what motivates them, what they need and you’ll gain a competitive edge online.

But, since the lifespan of social content is so short, brands need to be able to reach their followers quickly and effectively. Knowing their age and occupation is only one component of your social media audience strategy, so it can’t be the only thing you’re analyzing. Dig deeper to understand what motivates fans to make a purchase or use a service, find out what other brands they’re responding to, and study how they behave and react to different types of content.

Once you identify their goals and interests, evaluate their frustrations and address their pain points, you can respond to those needs directly within future posts.

Evaluating the Needs of Your Social Media Audience

Content offers a direct way to reach your audience based on their needs. But in order to captivate their attention, brands must adopt an “audience-first” mentality. This is precisely the reason why over-the-top sales pitch ads don’t resonate well, but content featuring informational tips and tricks or inspirational how-to’s, typically do.

Put your customers at the center of your content marketing efforts while ensuring they also support your overall brand mission.

Ensure that your community engagement is in line with customer expectations. Think and act like a publisher to make it easy for users to find the content they want to read, offer clear categories and topics of interest, and include a clear call-to-action so readers can reach your brand easily. When done right, you’ll be able to address audience needs and break through the clutter at the same time.

Maintaining a Regular Content Cadence

Your fans visit and return to your page for a reason. If they know there is new, valuable content published regularly that answers questions on the topics they’re interested in, they’ll be coming back for more.  Establish a regular content cadence and make a commitment to maintain it.

Being consistently present on social media shows your audience that you’re engaged and that you care about the role that your company’s product or service plays in their lives. Posting regular content has the chance to bring amazing results but it goes deeper than viral videos.

Providing the Right Content for Your Social Media Audience

Posting the right content is about truly knowing your social media audience but at the same time, taking a flexible approach to what you post. It’s a way of thinking that goes to the heart of your fans and creates a meaningful conversation between your company and consumers.

We all know that a marketer’s goal is to get the right message to the right person at the right time…in the right place. But how do brands know who is that person, when to post, where to post and what is the right message? We understand, constantly creating relevant content can be hard work for brands; there’s a lot involved.

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