tips for busy realtorsToday’s realtors are some of the busiest individuals, and it’s no wonder – everyone needs a home!

But – do you find you’re so busy that attempting to tie up all the loose ends each day feels like you’re just following Alice down some never-ending rabbit hole, briefly escaping in sleep, only to wake up in the morning buried even deeper?

It doesn’t have to be that way if you learn a few basic time management tips for busy realtors and some marketing efficiency skills.

Some of the best methods used by successful realtors include client contact, testimonials, time management, and automation. Face it – if you’re a busy realtor and you want to remain busy, these four tips will line your yellow brick road all the way to the bank.

1. Client contact is good for business.

Keeping a record of all your past clients can help you create solid relationships. Make a call to these clients every 2-3 months based on the month of purchase. Create a spreadsheet of calls to place each month.

These relationships don’t have to culminate in you named as godparent – but, by maintaining contact, they will remember your name next time they buy or sell.

2. While you have them on the phone…

…ask for a testimonial! While the internet has changed the face of marketing and client interaction, the best method of marketing is still word of mouth. When you call one of your past clients for the first time since moving into (or selling) their home, ask how satisfied they are with your service.

If they are extremely happy, and to take the pressure off, ask if they mind if you write up their story as a testimonial. If they say yes, email it to them for approval before you place it in your marketing materials.

3. Protect your time.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have – and the only one you can’t get back if it’s wasted. If you work in a busy office, it’s easy to be sucked into the typical office conversations. Learn polite methods of dodging time-wasters.

If you work from a home office, there can be just as many distractions, if not more. Ultimately, you could be your own worst enemy if you don’t create a working schedule and stick to it.

4. Automation (and content!) is king.

No matter how innovative you become in your time management strategy, the truth is you can’t do it alone. Attempting to operate your entire real estate business yourself is akin to treading water – in the middle of the Atlantic.

You need social media posts, authoritative content, a consistent email strategy, and other aspects of your daily business to be handled in a timely manner. If you present yourself as a transparent and super organized individual, potential clients will clamor to work with you.

But, in order to be efficient, you don’t want to spend eight hours daily on marketing alone. There must be a balance! In other words, for your efforts to be effective you must be productive, stay on task, and for goodness’ sake, automate as much as you can!

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