Stressed Out Real Estate Agents Most of us are over-connected and overcommitted these days; and for real estate agents, it’s common to ‘wear many hats,’ often feeling stressed about checking everything off the daily goal list. It’s a rare occasion to take time for ourselves anymore…and when we do, we kind of feel guilty about it. But we shouldn’t. All that pressure only leads to stressed out real estate agents. The solution lies in simplifying business operations, you know, the little things like deferring all your real estate content needs for social media.

Let Post Café help you take control over the things that feel ‘out of control’ so you actually have the time to…function (stress-free).

Stressed Out Real Estate Agents, Listen Up!

Unload Your Workload

Stress and burnout have become an increasing and often-discussed phenomenon over the last decade. According to a survey of the American Psychological Association, more than one third of employees lose one hour or more per day in productivity, while almost one third miss between three and six days per year due to stress. Workload is one of the most commonly reported sources of stress in adults.

Symptoms of stress are well-known and can include a nasty little cocktail of anxiety, irritability, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, social withdrawal, and more. 85 percent of all chronic conditions are caused or exacerbated by it. This national epidemic may be affecting more than your health…but also the impressions you make with your clients.

Why? Stress is contagious; people can actually sense it. And to no surprise, they’re turned off by it. In addition, stress can seriously impair the function of your brain. Have you heard of “monkey mind?” It can impact your communication and negotiation skills, hampering your ability to concentrate. Not good for commissions.

So, why don’t you go ahead and unload your workload?

Simple Is Good. Stress Is Bad

How can stressed out real estate agents navigate through the daily chaos and stay on top of all their daily to-do’s? It starts with becoming mindful and letting things go.

  1. Mindfulness: Pay attention to one thing at a time (sorry multitaskers), and become aware of your thoughts and actions. Focus on the good in your life and shift your perspective away from any negative thoughts and toward the positive. Try this mindful mini-break today: At any time during the day, take a moment to focus on just one breath. Breathe in and breath out. Focus your attention on the air moving and how your chest and abdomen move with it. Go ahead, try it now. That’s it! Feel free to extend it to a few more breaths next time to focus your attention on the present moment.
  2. Develop systems: Create systems for common tasks in your business to clear the clutter and also so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time. But don’t overthink it (perfectionism only generates unnecessary stress), simply tackle one project at a time…you never know, you may even get on a roll and do more. This stress-free, time savor also makes delegation easier, too.
  3. Let it go to grow: Know when to let it go, so you can grow. Take inventory of responsibilities only you can do and evaluate which tasks you can defer to others. As com puts it, “Think of deferring, as delegating’s close cousin. When you delegate, you hand off responsibilities already on your radar. Deferring involves passing tasks and work off to appropriate parties before they ever get on your to-do list. Outsourcing social media, executive administrative duties, travel planning, and similar responsibilities to a virtual assistant represents one example of smart deferral.”
  4. Be good to you: Now, with this extra time you have back, you can actually spend some quality time on yourself. “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” so remember to be kind to yourself.

Go Ahead, Defer Real Estate Content for Social Media

Post Café is the easiest tool out there that helps stressed out real estate agents gain access to a wide variety of professional content quickly and affordably…and most importantly, stress-free. Let Post Café take over the reins – you’ll be glad you did- call us at 732-218-9377 to learn more.