If your Facebook page is dying out and you’re not sure why, it may be time to add a little fuel to the fire with fresh, engaging social media content. Using our creative fire-starting analogy below, get ready to breathe some life into your business on Facebook and inspire your audience.

Like any good fire, it all starts with how you build your base.

Stack Properly but Don’t Suffocate Your Fire

Proper stacking is very important in starting a fire. It can mean the difference between a fast starting fire and a dud! But, be careful not to stack it too tightly, leave room for air to circulate so that you don’t suffocate your fire. The same goes for your engaging social media content.

Stoking the Facebook Fire: Fuel it with Engaging Social Media ContentCreate a solid base of professionally written content to ignite a trusted reputation on Facebook. Grammar and punctuation rules have their place; but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be so complex and complicated. Keep vocab simple and avoid using too much complex industry lingo. You want your audience to feel engaged rather than confused.

Once you build your base, it’s time to breathe some life into it.

Breathe Some Life Into It

Oxygen is one of the most important things to remember in how to start a fire… and keep it going. Without oxygen, your fire will simply die.

Don’t let your Facebook fire die, too. Keep it blazing hot with a creative content strategy rather than tossing randomness at your fans and hoping it all ignites. Because once you’ve got something good going and your fans know about it, you’ll want to keep them coming back for more. How? Feed the fire with a steady stream of good, engaging social media content so your target audience will like it, click on it and share it.

One way to build on that momentum is to establish a publishing schedule or social media content calendar. It’s the oxygen to your campfire. The thunder to your lightening. The yin to your yang… the marshmallow to your s’mores.

Speaking of s’mores…


The best part about building a campfire is having friends gather around for ooey, gooey, hot, delicious s’mores. This sense of rich community is what it’s all about.


While we’re not suggesting you strum out “Kumbaya” on your guitar around the campfire we’re calling Facebook, you do need to be prepared to bond with them. And like any good relationship, that takes time and effort. Learn how to build a strong community on our recent blog, “Mastering the Art of Digital Spooning: A Guide to Building Relationships on Your Business Facebook Page.”

Start Your Facebook Fire with Post Café

It’s no wonder so many become paralyzed when confronted with a blank page. With so much anxiety about doing it right, it often doesn’t get done at all. With Post Café, you don’t have to be afraid to start your fire. We’ll write all the hot articles you need and post them directly to your Facebook page, so you look like a thoroughly informed, up-to-the-minute, can’t ignore industry resource. Call us at 732-218-9377 to learn more.