Real EstateIn a recent survey, 83 percent of recent real estate clients say they would use their realtor again or refer that agent to a friend. In a separate survey of realtors, the majority reported that only about 20 percent of their past clients have referred new prospects to them.

It doesn’t take a math whiz to realize that most realtors are missing out on a huge source of new business: past clients!

If so many clients say they are willing to refer their agent, why isn’t it happening more often? And what can a realtor do about it?

Usually, the disconnect is a function of life getting in the way. The sale or purchase is complete, and everyone goes back to their busy lives. Over time, regardless of the quality of the experience, the client simply forgets about the realtor.

What’s the solution? Staying connected!

Maintaining an active social media presence through content marketing can go a long way towards helping a realtor to preserve connections, nurture relationships and stay top-of-mind with past clients.

How so? Consider this scenario: a realtor works with a new client who is actively searching for his next home. The client likes and follows the realtor on all of her social profiles.  After all, the realtor is posting listing and open house information, photos and video tours of homes on the market, and the client doesn’t want to miss a thing.

With the help of his realtor, the client finds and purchases his new home. No longer speaking with the client on a daily basis, the realtor continues to share content on her social media platforms regularly. By staying active on social media, and sharing quality content, she is consistently reminding this client that she is active, accessible and knowledgeable. Over time, she is able to build on the trust she has already established with this client by showing thought-leadership and providing value. As a result, he has the confidence to refer her when he gets the chance, or to call her again when he’s ready to sell.

Engage Through Social Media

As an added bonus, whenever the realtor shares an article that the client finds particularly interesting, he likes the post. When she hosts a poll on Facebook, he votes by commenting his favorite. And when he comes across something that his friends might find as helpful as he does, he shares it with them. With each action, the client is advocating for the realtor. With each point of engagement, he is helping to spread her message.

The key to this realtor’s success story is not only the consistency with which she is posting but the quality of the content she is sharing. Rather than constantly pitching to her audience, she is sharing content that is interesting, entertaining, useful. She’s posting a well-planned mix of content that will appeal to her varied audience, with the goal of helping them, not selling to them.

Post Cafe Is Here To Help

Done well, social media can be a realtor’s best source of referrals and repeat business. Post Café can help busy realtors create and follow a content marketing strategy that allows them to stay top-of-mind long after the initial sale or purchase is complete. Call 732-218-9377 to find out how Post Café can help grow your real estate business.