Social Media ScheduleIf someone told you there was a way you could have a year’s worth of social media posting covered, would you grab it? Probably…busy real estate professionals have a lot on their plates year-round, and when things get hectic, all too often it’s their social media marketing efforts that have to take a backseat.

Planning ahead with a schedule of social media posting can be a lifesaver to busy real estate professionals looking to market their brands. It not only helps simplify your life and your workload going forward but also goes a long way toward ensuring you’ll see the return you’re looking for from your social marketing efforts.

How A Social Media Schedule Can Help?

1. Keep You Consistent

As we mentioned earlier, when the going gets tough, often it’s a realtor’s social marketing that falls by the wayside. Having a detailed schedule in place helps keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to posting on a consistent basis because the hard part–figuring out what in the world you should post about today–has already been taken care of.

2. Provide A Good Marketing Mix

Planning your social media schedule in advance allows you to take a holistic approach to your marketing strategy. In the heat of a busy day, you might be tempted to throw the quickest and easiest post up and move on. But looking at your strategy as a whole affords you the chance to put more thought into what you are posting. Keeping a schedule lets you consider the variety of content you’d like to share with your audience, and prepare a balanced approach to sharing it.

3. Give You Time To Tweak

Once you start putting your schedule into action, you can track your results to see what your audience is responding to best. When’s the right time to post? Are you posting topics they want to see? Are you delivering content in the way they want to see it? A social media schedule isn’t set in stone—once you see what’s working, you can tweak your plan accordingly.

4. Give You The Gift Of Time

Let’s face it–although you know social media marketing is vital to your brand, if it’s cutting into the time you have to focus on running your business, it can feel counterproductive. Investing the man hours to set up a schedule in advance can end up saving you loads of time in the long-run.

Post Café Is Here To Help

Feeling overwhelmed by the time investment that creating and managing your social media schedule requires? Post Café can help alleviate your burden by creating the industry-related content your audience wants to see, and posting it to your social channels for you. Give us a call at 732-218-9377 to find out how Post Café can help fill your social media calendar!