Realtor Social Media Marketing ToolsIn this age of hyper-connectivity, social media can be a realtor’s best friend. No other form of marketing affords a real estate professional an easier or more effective way to simultaneously maintain relationships with existing clients and work to attract new ones. Social media allows you to build your reputation as a trusted industry expert and to connect with people that you would never have had the ability to reach through more traditional marketing avenues.

In the spirit of the season, here are 7 invaluable social media marketing tools that realtors should be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

1. Facebook Live

Video is one of the most effective ways to capture an audience’s attention and stand out from the competition. And Facebook remains the most popular social platform for consumers of all ages to share and engage with content. Combine the two and it’s no wonder that the platform’s live streaming tool is so valuable to real estate professionals. It allows realtors to go live with anything from a Q&A session with potential homebuyers to an exclusive sneak peek at a new listing to a narrated tour of a local neighborhood.

2. Google Alerts

Keeping on top of what’s happening in the real estate industry as a whole and the local area in particular can be a full-time job. Google Alerts simplifies the process for busy realtors and ensures that they don’t miss a thing. By setting alerts for relevant topics, realtors can have the content that their audience is interested in seeing delivered right to their inboxes.

3. Canva

Sharing compelling images is the key to any brand’s success on social media, but how many realtors have a background in graphic design? Canva gives realtors a simple way to edit and create professional-looking graphics using images and text. With various templates, fonts, colors and layouts, this free design tool is a realtor’s ticket to creating social media images that get noticed.

4. SocialRank

Realtors who are active on Twitter and Instagram should be thankful for SocialRank, a social media tool that helps them to manage and understand their followers on each of these platforms. SocialRank allows realtors to identify things like their top followers, followers who live in a certain area and followers who are interested in particular topics.

5. Bitly

Rather than sharing clunky links that look complicated and eat up precious character counts, realtors can turn to a URL shortener like Bitly. This tool not only allows realtors to customize their shortened URLs to create recognizable branded links but it also gives them access to results for each link, so they can measure its performance to learn what content is resonating with their audience.

6. Content calendar

You don’t need to download an app or special software to create a content calendar, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable of a social media marketing tool for realtors. Taking the time to create a well-thought out content schedule for the next month or more is the key to enabling realtors to maintain a consistent, cohesive social media strategy.

7. Post Cafe

Realtors have good reason to be thankful for a service like Post Café that helps them to stay active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn while allowing them to focus their time on their own business. By creating and automating the sharing of relevant and engaging content to a realtor’s social media platforms, Post Café helps realtors build their online reputation and provides them with an easy way to stay top-of-mind with their audience.

Want to find out what Post Café can do to help market your real estate business on social media? Give us a call at 732-218-9377. You’ll be thankful you did.

Happy Thanksgiving!