Real Estate Brand Social MediaAvoid junk food. Read more books. Get your real estate brand social media active.

The start of the New Year is the perfect excuse to let go of bad habits, adopt good ones in their place, and accomplish goals you’ve been talking about accomplishing for a long time now.

If your professional resolutions for 2018 include finally incorporating social media into the overall marketing strategy for your real estate business, congratulations! Social media offers realtors the opportunity to deepen connections, increase brand awareness and grow their businesses in way that traditional marketing alone can no longer achieve.

Whether social media is brand new to you, or your approach simply needs a reboot for the New Year, here are three tips to help you build your real estate brand social media successfully.

1. Set (Realistic) Goals

Before you get started, determine your expectations for your newly-minted social media activity. While it’s probably unrealistic to expect that you’ll sell a home directly from your Facebook page, it is fair to aim to build awareness for your brand, forge connections with your target audience and ultimately generate leads to help you land new clients. Establishing what you hope to achieve from your social marketing activity will enable you to build a successful strategy to make it possible.

2. Figure Out Which Platforms Are Right For You—And Your Audience

A wise person once said, “Some things are just better not spread too thin: yourself…and peanut butter.” And they were right—when it comes to choosing platforms to focus on when establishing a social media presence for your real estate brand, you don’t need to be everywhere. Instead of trying to be all things to all potential clients, figure out where your particular target audience spends time on social media, and then concentrate your efforts on that—or those—platform(s).

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for realtors on social media. While one agent may have great success connecting with their audience on Facebook, another may swear by the level of engagement they enjoy on Instagram. Regardless of which platforms you end up on, recognize that each has its own set of best practices for success.

3. Decide What You Will Post

If the goal of your social marketing efforts is to raise awareness for your brand, and to establish yourself as a leader in your space, you need to figure out what you will be posting—and it can’t be limited to listings and open house details. Sharing real estate-related content aimed at educating, entertaining or informing your audience can help you gain their attention, while posting content about community events or information can help you establish yourself as a trusted expert in your local area.

Real Estate Brand Social Media

Once you’ve won them over, they will be open to the content related to your business and what it has to offer that you add into the mix.

Real Estate Brand Social Media

Be conscious of the competition you have for your audience’s attention on any given platform. Taking the time to craft compelling messaging to accompany the content you are sharing can be the difference between a click or a swipe! Get creative in your delivery by experimenting with different images, and challenge yourself to incorporate video into the mix.

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