When it comes to building a strong online reputation with endless referrals, it all boils down to positioning yourself as the credible expert people turn to in your field. From becoming the center of influence to anticipating needs, these four tips can teach you how to earn referrals on social media and take your business to the next level.

1. Be a Matchmaker

Build social media networking relationships with people who are involved in professions complementary to yours. For example, a realtor should try to connect with a mortgage broker on Facebook and LinkedIn, who will refer plenty of business their way. Like what they post and don’t be afraid to share a few things, too.How to Earn Referrals on Social Media

Once you have established a few strong contacts, make a point to introduce people to each other who can be of mutual benefit to one another. Because, when you position yourself as the center of influence – the realtor who knows all the movers and shakers, people will respond.

Want to get new business? Give business. Want to get more social referrals? Give referrals.

2. Hit Them With Your Best Shot

Want the inside scoop on building a profitable reputation and how to earn referrals on social media? The secret is to follow-up like a boss. Maybe you’re thinking it takes too much time; it’s a pain? Yea, sure – it can be time consuming at first, but once you get organized and consistent, you will separate yourself from the rest in no time flat.


“Hit them with your best shot” with a personalized note: send them a handwritten note, shoot them a Facebook instant message, and stay connected with them on LinkedIn. Almost half of the online population currently use instant messaging once a week, so why not put that in your communication toolbox?

Get into the habit of doing the little things right (like consistently writing thank you notes) and you’ll touch your clients in a way that most others won’t.

3. Get Local. Not Loco.

The internet is massive, but with the right tools, you can easily get involved with local events and cultivate strong relationships. Join different groups and communities on Facebook to connect with other professionals and potential clients. Like their posts, share interesting articles and happenings around town, BUT, don’t get all loco on them. This is not the place to be pushy or over-the-top salesy.


4. Act As If… And Ye Shall Be

Position yourself as the expert in your field through the content you share on social media. Customers and clients need to know they can rely on you (rather than others in your field) to fulfill their every housing need – including the answers to all their FAQs, interesting how-to’s, industry trends and entertaining tips & tricks. If they trust you, they are more likely to send referrals your way.

Keep content strictly public-interest-oriented (not a personal advertisement) to use as positioning tool that will eventually turn into a successful sales tool.

Understand How to Earn Referrals on Social Media

Become the Realtor people come to for information, referrals and advice. Capture attention. Anticipate needs. Be that person. You know, the most popular agent on the block.

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