Facebook Algorithm UpdateYou’ve probably heard about CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement that Facebook’s algorithm will soon undergo an overhaul to prioritize posts shared by users’ friends and family over content shared by businesses and publishers, in an effort to invigorate ‘meaningful interaction’ on the social platform.

The announcement has struck fear in the hearts of marketers in all industries. But what exactly does this update mean for real estate agents using social media to market their businesses?

In order to understand the ramifications of this most recent announcement, it’s important to realize that this is one in a string of recent Facebook algorithm updates. The social media giant has been fine-tuning the process it uses to determine which posts should appear in which users’ News Feeds over the past few years, and most of us have already felt the pinch in the form of a decrease in the organic reach of our Facebook posts. We’ve all had to work harder on our messaging to get it heard (or seen).

At Post Café, we believe this is just Facebook’s latest wake-up call to marketers to use the social network as it was intended—as a platform for meaningful interaction. As a place to talk with our audience, not at them. As an avenue to share not the message we want to push, but the informative and entertaining content that our audience wants to see.

Here’s what we believe real estate agents can and should do to thrive in Facebook’s updated landscape:

1. Be Engaging

By definition, social media is about encouraging interaction between users. And Mark Zuckerberg reminds us that Facebook will continue to prioritize meaningful interaction above all else. If you haven’t been focused on the quality of your content, it’s time!

The success of your Facebook strategy depends on how your audience responds to the content you’re posting. Realtors who succeed on Facebook have never been those whose posting consists only of listings and offers for a complimentary market analysis, but those who are posting informative, engaging content that resonates with their audience. Now it’s time to take that one step further by encouraging your audience to respond or react to that content with compelling, thought-provoking or open-ended messaging that initiates conversation.

2. Understand Your Audience

Speaking of audience, since Facebook’s algorithm is judging the value of the content you are sharing based, at least in part, on the amount of engagement it generates, it’s more important than ever that you truly know who is on the other end of your posts. After all, if you don’t understand who makes up your target audience and what makes them tick, how can you possibly predict what they are going to find meaningful?

3. Analyze

If you’ve haven’t already been tracking your social media success, it’s time to pay attention to how each piece of content you share on Facebook is received. Noticing which topics or post formats generate the best engagement from your audience will allow you to further understand what resonates with them…and to give them more of it!

4. Consider Advertising

If you’ve been relying solely on organic posts, it might be time to consider allocating some of your marketing budget to a paid Facebook strategy. Facebook’s powerful targeting allows realtors to zero in on a hyper-local audience segmented by demographic information, interests and behaviors, providing real estate professionals with an opportunity to ensure their message is getting in front of the right Facebook users.

5. Branch Out

Facebook’s not the only game in town, and even without this most recent algorithm update, it’s a good idea for realtors to explore other platforms where their target audience might hang out on social media. If you haven’t already done so, Facebook’s algorithm shake-up gives you the perfect motivation to check out Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram as further means of reaching and engaging current or potential clients.

6. Keep Calm And Carry On!

Rather than going into panic-mode, view Facebook’s update as an opportunity to get your social media strategy in order. Feel confident knowing that if you are providing your audience with meaningful, informative content that gets them thinking, talking, sharing or otherwise engaging, you have armed yourself well to combat the latest challenges Facebook’s algorithm is throwing your way.

A Call-to-Action for Realtors

Real estate professionals should see this latest update as a call-to-action to inspect the foundation of their Facebook strategy. Posting meaningful, engaging real estate content is now more important than ever. To find out how Post Café can help you stay relevant on Facebook, and get your message in front of past, current and future clients, give us a call at 732-218-9377.