One of our favorite real estate strategists (also bestselling author, internet phenomenon and entrepreneur), Gary Vaynerchuk, offered some great advice for realtors in a recent interview… and it’s spot on. Ready to get in the game? Take a peek at these nuggets of valuable insight about making it in the digital revolution, you can implement into your own business right away.

Top 3 Takeaways on Content Marketing For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

1. “The first rule about content marketing is you have to actually generate content.”

Real estate entrepreneurs, listen up.

Step one: Make. The. Content.

The key ingredient is to actually have something to say. If you have nothing to say… if you’re not bringing any value to your audience, you don’t even have a shot.

Then, once you have the content, it’s understanding distribution. Which brings us to social media.

2. “Take social media seriously, or remove yourself from the game.”

Content marketing for real estate entrepreneurs can only go so far by itself. You have to take social media seriously and get into it deep to get the exposure you need.

IAre You In The (Digital) Game? Importance of Content Marketing For Real Estate Entrepreneurst’s not about any one tactic, like ‘use more hashtags,’ or ‘you have to use Facebook Live,’ or ‘now’s the time to pay attention to snapchat.’

How do you make yourself contextually relevant in Facebook? It’s about constantly testing new strategies and learning from your mistakes.

That’s the key to building a personal brand.

3. “You either believe in the digital revolution, or you don’t.”

Social media is the current state of the internet; you either understand that your customers are in these spaces… or you don’t. You either believe in the digital revolution or you don’t.

Everyone has a big dream. It’s not only about believing that your dream can become a reality, but you also gotta get dirt under your fingernails and put in the work to get there.

Because you can guarantee that if you’re sitting around debating and pondering about getting started, your competition is already executing and getting your customers.

The dirty little secret to make content marketing for real estate entrepreneurs work? Generate multiple pieces of content, every single day. Always. Forever.

We understand that may seem like an intimidating thought to end with. We hear you wondering if you have time to generate content “Every. Single. Day.” But that’s where we come in.

Post Café can ease the burden and lighten your load. Simply put, we create all the content for you and keep you engaged on social media. Always. Forever.

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