Twitter MistakesWith about 330 monthly active users, Twitter is one social platform that offers great marketing potential for real estate professionals. But they have to do it right. Like any other social network, the key to success on Twitter is understanding how it works and how people are using it, and then coming up with a strategy for getting your marketing message noticed (in 140 characters or less!)

Sometimes, knowing what NOT to do is the best path to figuring out the right approach. Here are some of the most common twitter mistakes to avoid when marketing your real estate business on Twitter:

You’re Not Tweeting Often Enough

Every second, about 6,000 tweets go live on Twitter. That’s a lot of competition for your audience’s attention! On the fastest-moving of the major social media platforms, frequency and consistency are arguably more important than on any other social network. On Twitter, if you’re not posting often enough, your message will likely get lost in the shuffle. Unlike on Facebook or Instagram, where your account is likely to be penalized for posting too often, on Twitter, frequent tweeting is the name of the game.

But…don’t overdo it.

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing, even on a platform that welcomes multiple tweets per day. Simply stated, tweet too often—or repeat the same tweet too many times in a given day—and you run the risk of annoying your audience. Members of your audience are probably using Twitter for a variety of reasons, but you can bet than none of them is to receive spam from a local realtor.

Which brings us to the next twitter mistake many realtors make:

Overselling Your Business

If each tweet you make is self-serving and salesy, you will have trouble maintaining—let alone growing—your following on Twitter. Like on other social platforms, you need to give your audience what they want to see to win them over. Tweeting links to relevant original content, combined with photos and videos of your listings, details about open houses and retweets of local events or other area information will enable you to engage your audience while also promoting your business.

Ignoring The Hashtag

Whether you aren’t using hashtags in your tweets because you think you don’t need them or because you don’t really understand them, it’s time to embrace the hashtag. Used properly, hashtags can help expand the reach of your tweet and grow your brand’s Twitter following.

According to Twitter itself, “People use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter search.”

The key to hashtag success lies in using the symbol sparingly, and only tagging words that relate to your business and that a user might be searching for.

Post Cafe Has Content For You

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