best tools for Facebook postingWith so many useful tools available to help marketers in their efforts to get their brand noticed on social media, there’s simply no reason to do it alone. Here are our picks for the best tools for Facebook posting success.

1. Unsplash.

With 300 million photos being uploaded to Facebook each day, it’s safe to say you have some stiff competition for your audience’s attention. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have high-quality, interesting images to accompany each post. Not a professional photographer? That’s where Unsplash comes in. Their database features hundreds of thousands of searchable, copyright-free photos snapped by real photographers—and they are yours for the using, free of charge.

2. Adobe Spark Post.

Sometimes your Facebook strategy calls for graphics beyond basic photography. If you’re not blessed with a formal background in graphic design, apps like Spark Post can help you fake it until you make it. Create professional-looking images with this free mobile app that is chock full of creative design templates, fonts, icons and images. Easily resize your images to standards for all the major social platforms to make cross-posting a breeze.

3. Facebook Pages Manager app.

Whoever said you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure MUST have been thinking about Facebook. If it seems impossibly tricky to manage your business Facebook Page from your smartphone or tablet, it’s not your imagination. The lines between your personal profile and business Page are too easily crossed. Avoid commenting on a question meant for your business from your personal page, and similar snags by downloading the Pages Manager, a mobile app created to help marketers manage their Pages and everything in them from any mobile device.

4. Facebook Ads Manager app.

Along those same mobile-friendly lines, downloading the Facebook Ads Manager can be a game changer for the social media marketer on-the-go. If you are dedicating marketing dollars towards Facebook advertising, this app makes it easy for you to create, edit, manage and track Facebook ads and stay connected with their performance in real-time, from anywhere.

5. Post Café.

If you subscribe to the 80/20 rule of social media marketing (and you should), you know that 80% of the content you share on Facebook should aim to educate, entertain or inform your audience. Short on time or at a loss for what to post to keep your audience engaged? Supplement your more promotional posts (the 20%) by subscribing to Post Café. We not only create fresh, relevant content that your audience wants to see, but we post it directly to your linked Facebook (and Twitter & LinkedIn profiles) for you.

Having the right tools in your Facebook arsenal can be the key to a streamlined, successful Facebook strategy. Give us a call at 732-218-9377 to learn more about how Post Café can help your business get noticed on Facebook—and beyond.