Making a positive first impression with online customers is a critical first step to building credibility for Realtors. But creating useful and credible content for your target audience can feel a bit like walking a tight rope. The last thing you want to do is spend time creating posts only to realize you’ve been going at it all wrong. Content killers can be nasty, but when you know what to look for, you can avoid them for future posts.

Six Content Killers to Watch Out For

1. You’re Using the Wrong Words

Despite the popularity of content marketing for Realtors, many still underestimate the power of words. We get it, writing exciting copy is not an easy task. So, to save you and your content from drying out… or even dying out, do your best to present it in a professional yet, entertaining way.

content-dying-outPerfect copy for Realtors works best when it is smooth and speaks on the same level as your audience.

2. Your Content Has the Consistency of a Bouncy Ball

People have the attention span of a goldfish. (It’s actually one second shorter…but, who’s counting?)
goldfish attention span
Your audience is in a hurry; give them what they want and make it easy to read. Communicate with consistency and offer direction for your audience to find what they’re looking for. Or they’ll leave your page.

3. Your Visuals Are Missing

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again; a picture is worth a thousand words. (Actually, it’s worth 500 billion, but again, who’s counting?) Most people are visual learners, so make your images, and their text, personal to elicit a response in your visitor.

importance of visuals in content
4. Your Audience is Suffering from Content Overload

The only thing worse than not having any images in your content is having too many.

Too salesy. Too many pictures. Different font types. Different font sizes. Sure, you may think it sounds and looks amazing, but the more loaded your make your content, the less focused and more confusing it will be for visitors.

Today’s consumers are being bombarded everywhere they go (including Facebook) with attention-demanding content and ads. If you’re not able to engage your audience within a few seconds (remember that goldfish?), they’ll vanish. Find a happy balance.

5. You’re Missing the (Micro) Moment

Is your content repelling your customers and (gasp) attracting your competition?

Take a look at the content you’re sharing on Facebook. Are you targeting other industry professionals or ideal customers? Or are you missing the mark with too many posts that generate too little engagement.
Facebook has even told us that they will penalize a business for posting too often and receiving low engagement with users, so don’t act surprised.

*Head desk*


For Realtors, it’s crucial to take advantage of micro-moments. Micro-moments are those moments when a prospective buyer is having a conversation about buying their first home and they pull out their phone to ask, “OK, Google, how much do I need for a home down payment?”

Content is your friend, when done correctly, it can be a rainmaker for business and create some serious traction on Facebook.

6. You’re Creating Pollution

Poor grammar, spelling errors, irrelevant content…they’ll all blow your credibility out the window. Nothing spells back-out faster than poor grammar. Buyers notice, and they may just pass you on by if they come across content with unnecessary punctuation.importance of grammar in content
Spell check can be your best friend or your frenemy; use it for guidance but proceed with caution. It’s not perfect and isn’t able to catch all your grammar errors. Take this example, “You must see this master bedroom with walking closet. A real germ!”

Post Café Can Help You Crush Content Killers

As the end of the year nears, there’s no better time than now to get rid of these 6 deadly content killers. Track what’s working and what isn’t. Slowly but surely tackle them one at a time and you’ll start to see some serious clicks.

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