How do I change my connected social media accounts?

    To change which Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter page we post to, just go to the ‘Social Settings’ page in your Post Cafe account.

    To connect to a completely different social media account, hit the “Disconnect” button on whichever social media outlet you would like to update.

    Make sure you log out of your social media accounts in your browser, then hit the “Connect” button for whichever social media account you’re updating. You can now sign in with a different account.

    Note: If you are not logged out of your social media profile in your browser, hitting the “Connect” button will automatically connect to account you are logged into.

    To completely remove the app from Facebook only:

    1. Click the arrow in the top of Facebook and select Settings
    2. Click Apps in the left menu
    3. Hover over the app or game you’d like to remove and click x